We all have our own unique qualities and gifts but how can we tap into our strengths and use them to manifest our desires? One way is to understand your Sun Sign, which in Astrology determines your personality traits, strengths and characteristics. 

When we learn our Sun Sign we can begin to tap into our manifestation powers as we focus on our strengths and our authentic gifts and nature. 

In this blog we will delve into each Sun Sign to understand your personality strengths and how you can tap into your manifestation powers to create your dream life. 


Aries Manifestation Power: Ambition and Focus

It’s the Aries focus, drive and determination that makes them such powerful manifestators. When an Arian sets their sights on what they want to achieve nothing can stand in their way. Their fearlessness and ability to overcome blocks makes them high achievers. Learn to tap into your inner drive by getting super clear on what it is you desire. As an Earth Sign you need to stay grounded rather than getting confused or side tracked by lots of ideas. Tap into your manifestation ability by studying your future desire in-depth so you can visualise and know your next steps



Taurus Manifestation Power: Charisma and Sacral Energy

Taurus is the sign of charm, charisma and sensuality. As a Taurus you love earthly pleasures so learning to tap into your sacral chakra through focused breathing (visualise your Sacral Chakra being bathed in deep orange light as you breathe in) as well as bringing more self care and healing into your life. A Taurus needs stimulation and excitement to stay focused on their goals so make sure to reward yourself and have an daily self care practice to recharge your batteries. Manifest using your natural charm and charisma as you make meaningful connections that will create positive opportunities in the long run. 


Gemini Manifestation Power: Creative Expression and Communication


Geminis are naturally creative and curious souls. If your a Gemini you don’t like to feel stuck in life. Sometimes the journey is as fun as the destination and life is about living it to it’s fullest. A Geminis true power comes from their ability to follow their creative expression wherever it may lead them. You are a great thinker and love to express yourself often through communicative channels. You may love social media and vlogging for that reason because it taps both into your creative side and your love for sharing information. 


Cancer Manifestation Power: Empathy and Intuition

As a Cancerian you are natural empath that easily feels the emotional state of others. You can easily put yourself in someone else’s shoe and can empathise on a deep level. This makes you a great at manifestation because something has to feel right on an deeper level before you go ahead. Your not one to take chances but if something feels intuitively right then you know you need to trust it. Cancerians are also natural homebody’s so getting the right space for you doing any manifestation work is key. Use aromatherapy to cleanse and clear your home as well as meditating regularly to tap into your intuitive power and receive the insights you need. 


Leo Manifestation Power: Creativity and Fun

Leos are natural born leaders and like to take charge. Their not ones for surrendering or going with the flow. So if your a Leo your power comes from when your connected to an higher vibe state such as joy, happiness and excitement. You need to find what lights you up and sparks joy and passion. Activate that higher mind by moving your body in an way that feels fun and joyful. Be free to express how you feel and allow the wisdom within your body lead the way. 


Virgo Manifestation Power: Having An High Vibe Routine


Virgos are great logical thinkers and love to work out problems. They are also driven and passionate especially when it comes to being of service. A Virgos manifestation power comes when they are super clear on their goals and have an daily routine that helps them to stay focused. A great manifestation routine is to start the day off with an positive affirmation, a gratitude list and a quick 5 minute visualisation where you visualise your dream self and future in as much detail as possible. 


Libra Manifestation Power: Focused Visualisation

Libras are naturally creative souls that see so much potential and value in the world around them. If your an Libra you maybe naturally drawn to the beauty around you. You love creating aesthetically pleasing spaces and maybe an natural designer or photographer. The manifestation power of Libra is their ability to visualise. That can be such an powerful gift as it is one of the main aspects of the law of attraction is to visualise and feel into your dream life. Do a daily guided meditation that requires you to tap into that artistic side of your brain so that you can visualise in as much detail as possible your dream life. 


Scorpio Manifestation Power: Transforming Old Story Lines and Beliefs

Scorpios have an ability to delve deep into their shadow selves like no other sign. It’s like their drawn to the dark as they know that within that void is the light. Being able to understand your shadow side and know what your limiting beliefs are is an pretty great super power. Some people find Scorpios intense as they exude such an confident and charismatic energy that can be a bit overwhelming. But this is because Scorpios aren’t afraid of who they are. So if your a Scorpio your natural gift is to transmute old beliefs and story lines. Once you learn to transform the things that have been holding you back you can use this energy to bring in new more positive energy.


Sagittarian Manifestation Power: Passion for Adventure and Exploration


Sagittarians have an passion for adventure and exploring new horizons as they love to push themselves outside their comfort zone. A Sagittarius will often love to learn new things as they seek to expand their mind as much as their horizons. If your a Sagittarius your manifestation power is to embrace creative freedom and exploring the deeper meaning of life. Tap into your manifestation power by seeking new hobbies, travelling and going on adventures or doing an course that sparks your interest. Keep learning to keep expanding. 


Capricorn Manifestation Power: Creating Opportunities and Finding Chance For Growth

Capricorns are natural born thinkers and are always striving for success. As a Capricorn you maybe always wanting to push yourself and create new opportunities as you seek to be the best. Your manifestation power is your ability to create and to not be afraid to go for what you want. The biggest way you can tap into your manifestation powers is to trust your ideas and follow through. Create an robust action plan and make yourself accountable in someway so you don’t sway from your path. 


Aquarius Manifestation Power: Forging A New Path


Aquarians don’t like to follow the crowd, making them creative thinkers that always think up new ways of doing things. You can question everything, especially Society and how crazy the World can be. An Aquarian is inventive and they feel they need more time alone than most to tap into that creative side. Your manifestation power as an Aquarian is your ability to think outside the box. Trust in your intuitive insights, daydreams and the signs around you as the Universe responds powerfully to your energy. An Aquarian is an way-shower so if your idea does feel out there trust it. 


Pisces Manifestation Power: Trust Your Emotions


A Pisces is a sensitive creative soul that naturally connects to the spiritual realms and may feel a deep calling to connect to their guides and angels. Pisces is an emotional water sign that feels deeply but your emotional sign is your super power as it tells you what to trust and what not to trust. When you tap into your intuition you learn to follow those spiritual insights that guide you to exactly where you need to be. Pisces can often feel an deep connection to the Moon so learning to harness the power of the Moon for Manifestation work can really increase your intuitive powers. 

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