Learning to read Tarot cards doesn’t have to be left to the psychics or professionals. Tarot can be a powerful way to tap into our subconscious and intuition. This is because each of the cards represents different phases or steps of human life. For example, the Fool teaches us about taking a leap of faith but also to use our inner wisdom before jumping blindly into something whilst the Star is about healing and rejuvenation, often coming up when someone has been through a difficult or challenging time. 
I first learned to read tarot when I was 13 (I’m now 37) for myself and later in life professionally for others. I’ve always been amazed at how accurate the cards have been when reading into my own life and that of others. But for clients who would love to learn more on how to read for themselves I always explain that the cards are not about predicting your future. Instead they should be seen as guidance for the present and how to focus and heal negative belief systems to create a brighter future.
Tarot for me is about empowerment. 
In this blog I will be sharing some of my favourite beginner friendly cards that you can use straight away and start learning for yourself as well as resources and books that have helped me gain knowledge on my journey. 

How To Choose Your Tarot Deck

After you have read this blog you might find you don’t resonate with any of the cards I suggested. And honestly that’s perfect. Your working out what does resonate and personally I’ve found this is the most important part of working with Tarot. There is no point in working with a deck that other people tell you is the best but you feel nothing when you look at the pictures. You have to feel inspired, connected and guided by the deck. And their are many out there to suit different tastes. My personal taste is etheral themed cards like the one above from Danielle Noel. I love the soft feminine energy and boho type theme. It just lifts my heart when I look at them. So find what resonates with you. This blog is just the cards I have worked with over the years that has helped me develop my skills as a Tarot Reader. 

1. Rider-Waite Tarot Deck


The Rider-Waite deck was my very first deck of Tarot Cards and is often the one that many use to start with. This is because most other decks are based on this one so understanding the imagery and themes is easiest using this deck. 

The Cards also feature in-depth symbolism so even using them intuitively works because you always get something different from the cards. So as a starting point using this deck first can help you to move onto other decks that maybe using different symbolism and imagery.

Check out the deck on amazon here

2. Druid Craft Tarot


My next favourite deck that I started working with after the Rider-Waite was the druid craft tarot. I loved this deck for a number of reasons. First because the in-depth imagery made it easy to read as a beginner. I could intuitively tune into the cards and receive alot of information. 

Also the earth energy through the cards felt healing and grounding. They provided practical insights and gave me a strong spiritual practice to really understand the Tarot. I especially loved the women in the cards who represented strength, wisdom and love to me. Highly recommend this deck to anyone new to tarot.

You can check it out here

3. Angel Tarot


If you would like to learn Tarot using more angelic or an gentler energy then I highly recommend Radleigh Valentines Angel Tarot. I worked with these cards for years and helped myself and my clients gain an higher perspective on life. They have beautiful angelic pictures and are really easy to read because not only do they site the main themes but also provide more indepth meanings all in the cards images. 

This makes it ideal for beginners as not everyone resonates with the Rider-waite theme. They can also help strengthen your connection to the angel realms and which angels to call on for guidance.

Find out more about the cards here

4. The Light Seers Tarot Deck

I personally love this deck. I bought it 4 years ago and use it every single day without fail. for myself and my clients. The deck has a boho feel and the images are very different from the Rider-Waite deck but still hold so much wisdom and symbolism from them. 

I find them personally easier to read than the Rider-Waite because they are so expressive. The images of the people in them emit such an powerful energy. They also have a great mini guidebook that comes with them so if your needing help reading them you have all the information right there.

Check out the deck on amazon here

5. Starseed Tarot


Not many people include the Starchild Tarot as a beginner set but so many people are waking up to their intuition that they feel drawn to this deck because of the energy of them. For me energetically this deck has helped me shift so much. It’s number 5 on the list because it’s a deck I’ve loved for years and the images on it are so beautiful. When you start awakening your intuition this deck can help you deepen your spiritual growth. 

Some major arcana cards are different from the original Rider-Waite. For example, the Fool card is shown as the Starseed and the Wheel is the Akashic Records. But these cards move into a deeper spiritual theme than the Rider-Waite. 

They are about accessing deeper spiritual wisdom and include images of Crystals instead of the Pentacle to represent wealth and material. I adore these cards so I’m biased but I do recommend them to anyone who wants to not so much deepen their connection to tarot but more to themselves.

You can see more about the cards here

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