The Power Of Retrogrades

When a planet is in Retrograde it means that they are appearing to move backwards but the actual reality is that they are perceived to only be moving in this way from our view point on Earth. Planets can’t actually move backwards per se. It just means that the Earth moves around the Sun at different speeds in relation to the other planets.

Mercury is the planet that most commonly turns Retrograde but other planets such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto will also move Retrograde but at fewer times throughout the year.

In astrology the energy of a planet going Retrograde is associated with slowing down, going inward and working on healing at a deeper level. It is actually a powerful opportunity for us all and in this blog I’ll be sharing some insights on the meaning behind each planet when it goes Retrograde and how to use this energy.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the most common one that moves Retrograde as this occurs about 4 times of the year. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, travel and the practicalities of life such as contracts etc. When Mercury goes retrograde it’s important to be more aware of how you communicate. During this period it’s also important not to make any important decisions as miscommunication is high, which can result in mishaps, confusion and plans being stalled.

Of course, Mercury Retrograde is not all bad. In fact it is the perfect opportunity for us to go inward, reassess plans and get clarity on our goals. This powerful time teaches us to really slow down. To stop rushing through life, wishing it all away. These stalling points can really help us to stop and gain perspective and what is truly important. It is only when we ignore our intuition and try and push through Retrogrades that we see issues arising.

Venus Retrograde

Venus is known as the planet that rules the divine feminine. She rules over our relationships and how we interact with others on a deeper basis. Venus only goes Retrograde every 18 months. During this period it can mean that issues surrounding our relationships comes up to the surface for it to be healed. Be aware of how we feel during this time. Are you being easily triggered by what others have said to you? Triggers are our guide points to healing any past trauma or belief systems that no longer serve you.

This is a powerful opportunity to heal your heart. It may mean emotions are high during this time but just have awareness and compassion for yourself. Try to avoid heated discussions or arguments. After a Venus Retrograde we have a much deeper perspective of the relationships in our lives.

Mars Retrograde

Mars is seen as the powerful Masculine planet. It rules over our instinctual desires such as sex, ambition and assertiveness. Mars Retrogrades occurs every 26 months for about 2 months. Mars activates our survival instincts. Those of us who struggle to stand up for ourselves or can be people pleasers may suddenly feel powerful and assertive.

This is the time to work on your boundaries. Try not to please everyone as during this time it may come back to bite you. As much as we want to please others sometimes we do it at the detriment of our own happiness and wellbeing. Mars Retrograde is that reminder from the Universe to put your energy first. Fill up your own cup before you help others.

Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter is a powerful planet that influences abundance, good fortune and wisdom. It is seen as our teacher, our guide and helps links us to matters of spirituality. Jupiter goes Retrograde about every nine months. When in retrograde we feel a calling to go inward. To connect to our light and spiritual nature.

This is a powerful time for growth and expansion. To reconnect with your soul and get into alignment with a life that truly resonates with you on a higher level.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto is linked to the starsign of Scorpio which can bring intense emotions up to the surface. Pluto symbolises power, sex, renewal and rebirth. It goes retrograde once every year. I would say Pluto has just as powerful effect as Mercury due to the intensity of emotions it can bring up.

When in retrograde it brings to light the darkness within we have been trying to ignore or hide. This is a positive thing. So often we try to deny parts of ourselves that we see as bad or weak. Pluto helps us to shine a light on all aspects of ourselves. To see it as neither good or bad but a part of who we are. When we release deep seated fears we can more easily let the light into our souls and align with our hearts.

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