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The Law of Attraction is based on the belief that the Universe brings into our lives what we attract. It can be seen as a big cosmic ordering system only a little more complex as it depends on a number of factors such as intention, energy and belief. 

There are so many books and teachings on the Law of Attraction, including The Secret by Rhonda Bryne and The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks if you would like to delve deeper into this topic. 

In this blog I will be sharing the 5 main steps to start working with the Law of Attraction for manifestation and success.

Step 1 of the Law of Attraction: Ask

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Getting clear on your desires and goals and asking the Universe, God, Source – or whatever you feel connected too – is the key first step in working with the Law of Attraction. But you need to be really clear on what you want which is more difficult than it seems as we are so often bombarded by millions of choices as well as being influenced by those around us. 

To get clarity on your own goals learn how to connect to the your heart and from that spacing asking what it is you truly desire. When we come from the ego our desires do not often come from the right space. But when we learn to ask from a place of love and compassion it makes the intention behind it so much more powerful. 

Simply connect to your heart and then either say out loud or write down what it is you wish to manifest. Sometimes focusing on just 1 or 2 things is best as it makes your manifestation powers that much clearer. 

Step 2: Believe

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The next step is believing that what you have asked for will come to you. Often times when we ask the Universe for our desires we don’t automatically get it handed to us on a plate. This can be our biggest stumbling block because sometimes people think that just asking should be enough but you need to believe that it will come to you.  

Having faith that the Universe will provide and in the power of your intentions is key and that takes courage. During this step you may have to work on any blocks or understand your limiting belief systems around getting what you want. Many of us deal with issues around self worth and self belief, often not trusting in the fact that they deserve everything the Universe has to offer. 

Become more aware of these blocks and triggers when they arise. Maybe try journalling around them to clarify what your blocks are and focus on building an positive affirmation or intention you can say to yourself when they arise.

Learning to believe that what you have asked for will come to you but in divine timing makes you more open to the infinite ways that your wishes will come to you. 

Step 3: Take Meaningful Action

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You have asked the Universe (or God, Source etc) what you want, you believe it will come to you in divine timing, the next step is to take action towards your goals. Without action we may stay stuck where we are. But when you make that decision to take that leap of faith and start working towards your goals or wishes, the Universe will provide you with the next step you need to take or open that door of opportunity. 

Create an meaningful action plan by writing down your main goal and then breaking that down into a monthly, weekly and then daily action plan so each day you are taking small steps towards your dreams. Trust that the more you work towards your goal then the more the Universe will deliver exactly what you need in that moment. 

Step 4: Let Go Of Control

Sometimes we can get so caught up and focused on our goals we forget to live our lives and make the most of each moment. It’s great to have goals and dreams, don’t ever let go of that but also don’t hold onto it so tightly that you suffocate them. You need to be open to all the possibilities your dream will come to you. Sometimes we have an specific idea in our mind of what we need to do to reach our goals but when we let go and trust in the Universe you may find the Universe has other ideas of how your dream will come to you. 

By letting go of control you release the how and when your desire will come to you and instead trust that an higher power already knows how to do that. This can be such an important step that is sometimes overlooked. 

Step 5: Receive

law of attraction

Bringing yourself into an receptive state so that you notice any signs or synchronicities around you allows you to tune more into your intuition and trust where you are being guided. To receive also means moving into a state of gratitude so that you are thankful for all the Universe has already provided you. Gratitude is such an powerful energy to cultivate as you bring more into your life of all the good things you are telling the Universe you are grateful for. 

Have a daily gratitude journal where you write down all the things you are grateful for. It can be as small as cuddles on the sofa, time with family to having an home or stable job. By cultivating feelings of gratitude we are allowing our hearts to open to all the Universe has to offer. 

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