Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

A Spiritual Life Coach can help you connect to your highest potential by giving you the tools and insights you need to overcome blocks, negative mindset patterns and deep seated fears that maybe holding you back. 

Spiritual Life Coaching is a way to bring your mind back into alignment with your higher self. We are all born with our own internal compass that guides us to connect to our inner light. This is our Soul.

But over the years we end up feeling stuck under layers of negative self belief, emotional trauma and negative patterns. By connecting you to your soul and teaching you how to listen to your own intuition, you begin to have more confidence in your abilities to take on change and truly live the life you deserve.

This type of internal work does not happen over night but by providing you with a regular practice that would be tailored around your life and your needs, you will start allowing room for your soul to expand and grow.


What Is Involved In A Coaching Session?

45 Minute Consultation

Either by phone or via zoom. In this consultation we will be clarifying your aims and goals. Any areas in your life that you feel blocked and what you want to manifest in your life. This consultation is to allow you to ask me any questions but will also help me to tailor the Coaching for your specific needs.

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