Solfeggio Frequencies And How To Use Them

Solfeggio tones is a specific set of frequencies. In school you may have learned the song pattern “Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti” which is used for obtaining a certain pitch or harmony. In the 11th Century, an Italian Monk by the name of Guido d’Arezzo found a method of teaching the Gregorian Chants using the mnemonic system: “Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La”. Further research into the power of these notes have found that they make an geometric pattern and respond to the frequency of the human body. These are known as Solfeggio Frequencies. Studies done on those who practised the Gregorian Chants had lower blood pressure, as well as relieving fatigue and depression ( 
Research done by Dr. Joseph Puleo, a physician and herbalist, believed that each of the six notes also carry a specific characteristic that can be used for healing and balancing the human body. You can find out the power of these frequencies yourself as many musical artists have compiled meditations and music based on each of these frequencies. In this blog I will share just some of them but feel free to explore yourself. 
396hz solfeggio frequency
When To Use: Moments of overwhelm, worry or feeling uncertain of the future. When your feeling blocked or have no clarity of what to do next because your worried what could happen. 
How It Works: By listening to this frequency you feel clearer and lighter as if a weight that has been on your shoulders has been lifted. It also expands your awareness and allows you to connect to a sense of peace and stability by clearing the root chakra. 
Crystals To Use: Listen to this frequency by holding black tourmaline, kyanite or obsidian which are crystals used to clear and cleanse the root chakra as well as working on grounding your energy. 


417hz Solfeggio Frequency
When To Use: When your needing to balance and heal the Sacral Chakra from past pain and trauma. It is also for cleansing and clearing your aura and home from negativity as well as emotional blocks. 
How It Works: Play this frequency regularly in your home when you feel it needs it as well as listening before bed to clear away any negative energies you have picked up during the day.  
Crystals To Use: Listen to this frequency holding Citrine, Carnelian or Lemurian Quartz which can help cleanse and clear your aura and bring positive change to your life. 


528hz Solfeggio Frequency
When To Use: A powerful frequency that aligns us with the healing vibration of love. It is known as the miracle tone as it can have an profound impact on our DNA and bring healing light to our body.  
How It Works: Listen to this frequency anytime but especially when your energy is feeling low or your immune system is low and your needing some healing.  
Crystals To Use: Cleansing and clearing crystals that align us with love such as Rose Quartz, Fire and Ice Quartz and Azeztulite. 
741hz Solfeggio Frequency
When To Use: 741 hz can be used to cleanse and detoxify the body and can be used as an protective frequency. It is also used to clear energy in the home. 
How It Works: Listen to this frequency first thing in the morning and last thing at night to clear your energy field from any toxic or negative energies. 
Crystals To Use: Kyanite, Sodalite and Sunstone are great crystals to hold whilst listening to this frequency. 
639hz Solfeggio Frequency
When To Use: 639 Hz is great for balancing emotions and bringing harmony to relationships. It also cleanses the heart chakra, increasing our ability to love.  
How It Works: Listen to this frequency when you feel that your emotions are running away with you or if your wanting to bring harmony and love to your relationships. 
Crystals To Use: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Lapis Lazuli can help balance your emotions whilst listening to this frequency. 

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