Pleiadian Starseed

Pleiadian Starseeds

Many people believe we are not alone in this Universe. That we are part of an vast cosmic intelligence inter-linked to our past and our future. It is believed that at the time of Atlantis many beings came to this Planet, to help with the evolution of human-kind. The Pleidians were one of those beings, linked to the cluster of seven stars in the constellation of Taurus. Pleiadians are an advanced race of light beings, whose past was very similar to our own. They possess many of the similar physical characteristics to our own and have advanced spiritual and technological knowledge.

According to various accounts and channellings, Pleiadians are characterized by their tall, slender appearing along with fair skin, light hair and striking blue eyes. They are said to radiate an aura of peace, love and wisdom. Pleiadians are believed to be highly evolved beings who have reached a state of spiritual enlightenment. They have been able to advance within the realm of energy healing, telepathy and inter-dimensional travel. Although they are real beings they operate within an higher frequency and thus exist on an higher dimensional plane than us, granting them access to an greater understanding of higher truths. 

A starseed is someone whose soul is connected to the stars. You could say we are all starseeds since we all came from the stars and are literally made of stardust. But many starseeds feel an deep calling in their soul that they are here on an specific mission or purpose. They feel an strong connection to the stars and often feel like outsiders within their family and peer groups. 

My Starseed Journey

As an young child I was able to see beings surrounded by an beautiful blue aura. I felt such an deep connection to the stars and would often dream of other worlds, filled with crystal structures, clear blue waters and cities that glimmered in the light. Growing up I struggled with emotions such as anger, hate and violence. I felt as if my soul was being torn apart when I was faced with traumatic situations. I could feel deeply the pain of others, and found it difficult to be in crowds or around certain people. 

You could say I felt like the black sheep and had no idea what my place was in the world. I only felt content when I was alone in nature or around animals, the only beings I felt truly at peace with. In my 20s I tried to shut down my ability to see other beings and instead focused on my studies. But after I graduated I hit rock bottom and faced an long bout of depression and anxiety. It was during that dark time I found my spiritual side again and awakened my gifts my learning reiki healing as well as crystal and angel therapy. It was during this time I was introduced to the term Pleiadian Starseed and I remember reading an book – The Pleiadian Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin that really resonated with me. 

There was healing techniques and energy work in that book that I already knew but there was no possible way I could have known it as I’d never came across it before. As I deepened my spiritual journey I would dream about my past life in Atlantis as an Pleiadian. That I had came to Earth to help teach humanity about energy work and advanced spiritual studies. I remember the pain of Atlantis falling and refusing to leave with my family and instead stayed with the children I had taught and loved as my own. Understanding my Pleiadian past helped me to heal so many aspects of myself now. It has helped me to truly understand my gifts and how to connect to them as well as helping others to do the same. 

Signs You Are An Pleiadian Starseed

1. Profound Connection To The Stars: Pleiadian Starseeds often feel an intense fascination and connection to the Stars. They may find themselves questioning the Universe around them. They have an desire to learn more about the stars either through astronomy or astrology. When an starseed looks up at the stars they may feel an deep sense of nostalgia, that out there somewhere is their home. 

2. Be Sensitive and Have Empathic Abilities: Pleiadian Starseeds are often highly sensitive and possess an heightened sense of empathy. This means they can sense and feel the emotions of others around them. Their empathic nature fuels their desire to bring harmony and love to the world, making them ideal healers and counsellors.

3. Intuitive and Psychic: Pleiadian Starseeds often possess an wisdom beyond their years. As young children they would be perceived as having an old head on young shoulders. They are also naturally intuitive and clairvoyant, allowing them to see beyond this world into other realms. When an Pleiadian Starseed hones this ability they can naturally tune into their spirit guides and angels for guidance and counsel. 

4. A Deep Love of Nature and Mother Earth: Pleiadian Starseeds hold an profound love and respect for nature. They feel within their own hearts the connection to Mother Earth. It is by connecting to nature that starseeds are able to recharge their own batteries and nurture their soul. 

5. A Desire For Unity and Peace: Pleiadian Starseeds have an strong desire for unity and bringing balance back to the world. They know that their is another way to live on Planet Earth and wish to share their wisdom with the world. They feel an deep sense of inter-connectedness with all of creation and want to actively work to transcend boundaries and division so as to create oneness and collective healing. 

6. Unconventional Thinking: Sometimes Pleiadian Starseeds feel more in-tune with alternative perspectives and ideas. They question societal norms and beliefs as they often see alternative ways of doing things that creates more harmony. They see injustices in all its forms and wish to rectify this. They are often drawn to esoteric knowledge, spirituality and metaphysical concepts. 

7. Healing and Lightwork: Pleiadian Starseeds are often natural energy healers and feel drawn to different healing modalities such as Reiki, Angel Healing, Crystal therapy and Sound Healing. They have a strong desire to bring healing and light to others and often just their presence alone can inspire and lift those around them.


If you resonate with many of the signs above it is possible you are an Pleiadian Starseed. Embracing your cosmic origin can provide an sense of purpose as well as an deeper understanding of your unique gifts and abilities. Remember, however, that they journey of self-discovery is personal and it is essential to trust your own inner guidance and intuition. 

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