Feminine power

“In the denial of the feminine, her sacred power and wisdom, we have impoverished life in ways we do not understand.”  – Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee

A huge shift is occurring on the Planet right now and from the outside it can look like humanity is on a knife edge heading towards destruction. I believe that on an collective level the consciousness of humanity is lost at the soul level. We do not feel anchored/safe or grounded in this present moment. 

In a quest to find power and meaning men who felt deep fear of what they could not control burned millions of men, women and children who believed and taught the old ways. Sacred sites where women would congregate in circles to weave stories and ancient wisdom would be desecrated and burned, herbs and natural healing medicine would be seen as witchcraft, energy work and pagan beliefs would be banned. The fear that has had an strong-hold on humanity like a noose keeps getting tighter the more we give in to it. 

Now we live in an world that feels lost and unfamiliar. Our lives are now consumed by technology, the continual 9 to 5 and the ever constant dream of power and success. We are lost but have no idea how to find our way home again.

But underneath all this fear and confusion women (and men) are feeling an call in their souls to move deeper into their feminine wisdom and power. We are all rising up as we hear the call of the divine mother. So how can we truly step into and reclaim our feminine wisdom? How can we be more grounded in our own intuitive power? Read on to find out more.

Take Ownership Of Your Healing Journey


We all have our own trauma, fears and pain. You may have had to face difficult challenges, overcome traumatic experiences in childhood or dealt with major health issues. On top of all that many of us born during this challenging time are also having to heal ancestral and family karma (which means healing family patterns, behaviours and beliefs). 

The most empowering thing you can do though is to see the aspects of yourself that require healing. Being aware of negative cycles, self sabotaging behaviour and belief systems. Learning to take ownership of your healing journey is such an powerful way to truly step into your power.

Practice Self-love and Acceptance

feminine power

Women have always been made to feel ashamed of their bodies. You can be either too big, too small, too loud, too quiet, too strong, too weak etc etc. The one thing that really get’s on my nerves is the automatic feeling of shame around our menstrual cycle as well as when we go through the menopause. There was a time that a women on their menstrual cycle was seen as powerful, deeply intuitive and was something that should be honoured. Not talked about quietly or with shame.

We are definitely making progress in this area but not nearly enough. In a time of social media there are these ridiculous standards that women and especially young girls are being told they need to live up too. I say stuff that. 

We instead need to be advocates for self love, acceptance and how to truly tap into the wisdom of our bodies. Our beautiful, incredible bodies need love not shame. We need to honour our cycles and learn how to be more in alignment with them. We force ourselves to conform to the patriarchal view of time centred around force, logic and packing as much as we humanely can in our 24 hour day. 

This goes against the grain of feminine wisdom which instead centres around softness, intuition and natural flow. So on those days your body is telling you to rest, trust and give yourself permission to practice self love. On those days you feel bad about yourself or hate your body look at yourself in the mirror and tell your body (and yourself) that you love her…all of her. 

Connect With Mother Nature

feminine power

Earth is honestly such an miracle. Amongst billions of other stars and Planets Earth provides life. She is the great Mother and in Ancient times she was revered and worshipped as the Goddess she is. Those Ancient practices as much as they are lost they are still present in our own cellular memories. We know innately and deep within our souls how to connect back to Earth. 

When I was younger I had been through an number of challenging experiences. I felt so lost, scared and alone. It was an all consuming darkness that terrified me. But the one thing that made me feel better, safe and grounded was when I would walk along to sit under a tree. For some reason it was one specific tree that I felt this deep connection too. Every time I would sit under it and allow the trunk to support me I immediately felt an sense of peace. All my fears and uncertainty would go away and I felt deep healing everytime I went back to that tree.

Over the years I have learned more and more about the Ancient wisdom of trees and Mother Nature in general. That if you allow your mind to quieten and your heart to become open you could connect, feel and hear the wisdom from our beautiful Earth. 

So take time to connect to nature. Slow down and notice more the animals and plants around you. Ask yourself what can you learn from Mother Earth? What Ancient Wisdom can you sense and feel in your soul?

Know that the feminine wisdom within you is not lost. That what you are searching for is right there, within your heart. Your path to reclaiming your own power may look different to mine or anyone else but the destination is always the same. It is the path to wholeness, love and healing. The power of the feminine is calling on you to step up. Will you answer the call?

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