We are all naturally intuitive beings. Your intuition is the ability to know something without an clear reason. It is often an knowing that comes through via your heart or gut. You probably do it all the time but it may not be something you are always consciously aware off. When we can learn to tap into our intuition daily and truly start living life from that space of creativity and potential, so much can shift within your life. You will start to trust your inner voice, release fears around failure and self doubt and be more confident in your own body. 

Learning to live from an place of intuition takes time, courage and patience. It is about trusting your own unique intuitive channel (of which there are 4 main ones we will get into) and also taking action based on those thoughts, feelings and ideas that come up. In this blog I will share some tips and tools to help you get start on living more intuitively. 

Knowing Your Natural Intuitive Gifts


Humans are naturally intuitive so we all have this ability. However, due to Western Culture, religious beliefs and fears around our own innate wisdom we have been taught to fear our intuition. I remember being told your intuition is your psychic side and if you open up to it you can open up to all the ghosts and demons in the World. Crazy idea but actually an belief that is more common than you think. Your intuition is simply your ability to tune into energy. Energy is everywhere. It is within us and makes up every aspect of this Universe. And energy is simply just information. When we have an thought about something or an emotional response that is energy. We are emitting wave particles ie frequencies that send information out into the Universe. 

You probably read energy all the time. When someone you don’t know walks into an room you may immediately get an sense of who that person is. Maybe you feel an constriction in your solar plexus telling you something is up with their energy or an expansion in your heart telling you that their is an resonance there and you already feel an connection to them. The Empath’s and Sensitive’s feel and sense energy all the time. Even when the tv is on they can sense the type of energy coming through via that program or show or they may sense an overwhelming sadness as they pick up on the energy of the people around them.

So what is your natural intuitive ability? There are 4 main clairs. They are Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), Clairaudience (Clear hearing), Clairsentience (Clear feeling) and Claircognizance (Clear knowing). Let’s get an deeper understanding of each and find out which is your stronger channel.




Someone who is naturally clairvoyant can easily see images through their minds eye. This psychic ability allows you to tune into energy and receive information back via colours, images, dreams and symbols. This all often happens within your minds eye but some people can also see images as if they are infront of them. 

Signs You Are Clairvoyant

Some of the main signs includes:

  • Seeing flashes of light and colours or when you close your eyes you may see a full spectrum of colours
  •  Natural ability to daydream and as a child you may have easily gotten lost in your own little world
  • Often have vivid dreams that feel so real
  • Feel an natural connection to the World and notice beauty all around you
  • Sometimes see orbs of light or shadows moving at the corner of your eye
  • See an halo of light or an aura of colour around people
As a clairvoyant when you tune into this intuitive channel you may receive messages in a more subtle form or see words forming in your minds eye. The more you tune into this ability and trust the messages you are receiving you will start to become more confident. An good way to develop this ability is through working with Oracle Cards. As you are such an visual person you will receive so much guidance from the Cards, allowing you to deepen and develop this gift. 




Clairaudience is the naturally ability to hear and tune into sounds that maybe others cannot. Clairaudients are often naturally gifts intuitives who can hear messages from Spirit and their guides. You may also hear the other sounds such as buzzing or an low hum that shows your tuning into the higher spiritual realms. Alot of mediums are clairaudients as they are able to hear messages from loved ones passed over and able to clearly articulate these messages to their loved ones. 

Signs You Are Clairaudient

Some of the main signs includes:

  • Hearing ringing or high pitched noise
  • Often listening is your preferred form of learning ie audiobooks, hearing someone speak etc
  • You love music and often feel the energy and emotion behind an song
  • Your a natural speaker and can help others through the power of your voice
  • Your naturally empathic and an sensitive and therefore prefer time alone as sometimes you can feel overwhelmed in crowded places

Being Clairaudient is an powerful gift and I remember once when I was younger being able to hear spirit and those passed on to the other side. This ability terrified me so as I grew up I switched it off and many of us who are naturally clairaudient have experienced similar situations. It can be scary hearing voices and often this can be a sign of a mental illness ie Schizophrenia but there are other signs of this that need to be taken into account. The biggest thing to understand with Clairaudience is that you are in control so if you ever feel this is not the case please seek medical advice. You can tune into and develop this gift simply by allowing space for peace in your life. If your head is always filled with an jumble of thoughts it can create blocks in your mind. Through moments of stillness we can connect more easily to our inner voice so allow more time for meditation to develop this skill. 




Clairsentient is the natural ability to sense energy through your gut instinct. Clairsentient is clear feeling so it is through your feelings, your emotions that you tune into energy. A clairsentient is a naturally gifted empath who can sense the emotions, thoughts and energy of others. They can tune into someones energy and know how they are feeling as well as the energy of a place or building. By noticing the energy of others Clairsentients are extremely good at reading people or situations. They know within their own energy if something does not feel right. 

Signs You Are Clairsentient

Some of the main signs includes:

  • You walk into an unfamiliar place or room and immediately get an sense of the energy ie calm, chaotic etc
  • Being around alot of people or in crowds can feel overwhelming
  • You are sensitive to people and your environment often resulting in burnout or headaches if you don’t take care of your energy.
  • You are deeply connected to your emotions and can easily feel overwhelmed. You maybe one of those people that easily cries at adverts or movies.
  • You fund it difficult watching negative news or programs and this emotional feeling can last long after watching something disturbing

Being an clairsentient the World around you can feel overwhelming and chaotic, resulting in alot of clairsentients feeling anxious or depressed. If this is your intuitive gift it’s important to take care of your energy. Notice moments when you are feeling drained or overwhelmed and allow more space for self care. This intuitive gift makes you an natural healer, counsellor and teacher. People are therefore drawn to you and sometimes it can be hard for you to say no as you want to help everyone. Know that you need to fill your own cup first before tending to the needs of others. One way to develop this gift is to trust more in your bodies wisdom. It’s through your own energy you can pick up on things so notice and tune into your body more. Maybe you feel an expansion in your heart when something feels right for you or an constriction in your solar plexus if your feeling uncertain or unsure. Trust this as your body is your most powerful tool. 




Someone who is claircognizant often just knows things without any information. You may have a question and they immediately know the answer. This ability means “clear knowing” and is as simple as that. Often an Claircognizant will not think they have any gifts at all or really feel connected spiritually as they are usually very grounded and deep thinkers. But this ability can most certainly be an super power as it allows you to tap into the wisdom of the Universe, receiving this information from within your own soul. 

Signs You Are Claircognizant

Some of the main signs includes:

  • When you follow your first gut instinct you are almost always right
  • You can easily sense when someone is not being their true selves or are lying 
  • If you feel stuck on an question or an idea an random thought may just pop into your head as the perfect solution
  • Sometimes you just have a knowing of what might happen  

If being Claircognizant is your super power to develop this gift all you really need to do is trust. Have faith in yourself and your own ability to know the right path for you. Don’t allow others to sway you or create self doubt. One way to really develop this gift is through meditation. When you create space for your own intuition to come through you will get more clarity and receive the right solution to your problem. Journalling is also an great way to develop this gift as you are an very grounded person and writing things out will naturally lead you to the correct response. 


Living More Intuitively


Your intuition is an powerful gift and tool that when tapped into and developed can help heal and guide every aspect ofg your life. We live in an World that keeps us distracted from our true power. However, this power can be reclaimed. By learning your natural intuitive ability and creating more space to develop it you will start to live life via your soul. And an awakened soul is an powerful soul.

The World around and within us is filled with so much wisdom. By tapping into this Universal wisdom we receive all we require right now to truly live an life filled with blessings and magic. Trusting your own wisdom and your intuition guides you to an path that resonates with who you are on an soul level. You bring yourself more in alignment with what supports and nurtures you. For example you start bringing the right people into your life, create space for more positive opportunities and start creating an lifestyle that brings you peace and happiness. 

We can all benefit from living more intuitively as it creates an stronger foundation for your relationships not only with others but with yourself. You start making decisions based on what feels right for you rather than what you think others want you to do. You also start allowing life to flow more naturally without control through fear and instead trust that the Universe will be your guiding light. 

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