October 2020 Astrology Forecast

October 1st: Full Moon In Aries

Aries is the sign of action and determination. With the Full Moon falling in this sign it can bring up emotions of passion and a desire to move forward with your life. It can also bring up feelings of frustration if your feeling stuck. The best way to navigate this energy is to have an action plan in place for the months ahead. What is it you are wanting to achieve? How can you achieve your goals and what is the next steps you are needing to take? Also work on release any difficult blocks and emotions that have been holding you back by doing a cleansing or clearing ritual. You can read how in my other blog – How to manifest with the moon here

October 3rd: Mars Conjunct Eris

Mars is the planet linked to drive, energy and passion and when this planet meets its sister, Eris, the goddess of discord, strife and anger. So the combination of these two can bring up difficulties in society as people may protest more against further restrictions. On a personal level it can mean restructuring and changing our own lives as certain ideals or how we act or no longer working. Its time for change and the warrior energy of these two planets will certainly be bringing that this week. 

October 9th: Mars Squares Pluto

The biggest lesson with this alignment is learning to step into our power. How often do we needlessly give our power away to others or fall into the victimhood mentality?  Notice where in your life you maybe doing this and take ownership of your energy and your time. In the collective power struggles may come up either in the form of governments fighting with each other or fighting with the people. This square alignment can bring up alot of tension so be mindful of where your energy is going. 

October 13th: Mercury Retrograde

This Mercury Retrograde falls in the sign of Scorpio so with this intense emotional sign were being guided to go inward and start working on trusting our own intuition. What may feel right for someone else may not feel right for you? Notice what feels like it is in alignment with your own personal energy. Many may feel like their going through the dark night of the soul during this week as the intense energies can bring up deep seated emotions within that are needing to be released. Just be kind and compassionate to yourself. Notice when you are needing to slow down and just be. 

October 16th: New Moon In Libra

As this is the closest New Moon to the Earth it is known as a Super New Moon so it can be felt more intensely than most. New Moons are always the perfect time to learn to rebalance and set new intentions for the month ahead. With it being in the sign of Libra recalibrating and balancing our energy fields is important. Notice where you feel guided or called to start moving forward on. You may feel drawn to a completely new path or have sudden flashes of creative insight. This is all to do with the wonderful energy of Libra. 

October 17th: Sun In Arcturus

I haven’t came across this before until I read it on the Intuitive Astrology Forecast (link here) so I wanted to delve a bit deeper behind its meaning. Arcturus is an bright red star in the constellation Bootes. It is believed that from this place are higher energy beings called the Arcturians who are part of the fifth dimensional plane and are here to assist humanity with their own ascension to this dimension. Arcturians are believed to be gifted healers who are also highly advanced and may have been on this planet around the time of Atlantis. When the Sun conjuncts with this planet it can mean that we have access to higher energies as well as light codes and activations linked to this powerful race. 

October 31st: Halloween Blue Moon In Taurus

Yikes! Not only do we have a Blue Moon which is extremely rare but we have a Full Moon on Halloween. This only happens every 19 to 20 years so its not very often. But I actually feel this Full Moon is super positive as we are activating our own intuitions and feeling much more connected to the spiritual realm than ever before. You may find your soul gifts will be activated and you feel a surge of energy to start truly living your truth. I can’t help but feel sometimes a more negative spin is placed on Full Moons and although they can bring up intense emotions it brings us a greater opportunity to release anything that is no longer serving us. 

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