November Astrology

Astrology Forecast for November 2020

November Astrology

As we move through into Winter and the end of 2020 November we see the completion of a long cosmic cycle since the start of the year with a number of planets going direct including Mercury, Mars and Neptune. This can force us to slow down and the first week of November can make you feel stuck and frustrated. 

November 3rd - Mercury Direct

Mercury goes direct in the sign of Libra but this can bring massive delays and issues around communication due to the Mercury squaring Saturn. When we tie this in with the US election occurring on this same week it can bring alot of frustration and everything feels undecided and up in the air. After the 6th though things should become clearer. 

November 11th - Angelic Activations

This day connects us to the energy of the angels as the number 11/11 is an activation of our higher minds and selves. It brings higher frequencies of energies and to make the most of this it’s important to connect to your heart centre. Manifesting from the heart is the most powerful way to bring you closer to your dreams so get clear on your goals and what you want to work on for the rest of the year. 

November 12th - Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

This is the 3rd and final time this year Jupiter aligns with Pluto  and brings with it a power surge of energy to boost our intentions. This is why utilising the 11/11 angel day can serve you in a positive way because this alignment can either magnify our positive or negative thoughts. So bringing in more of what you want with gratitude and compassion will create a more positive energy in your life. This is also a good time to work on your abundance mindset and notice what triggers you when it comes to money. Do you see money and power as equal to greed and disillusionment? When we learn to see money in a more positive light and understand the good that comes with real power from the heart you can shift so much in your own life. 

November 13th - Mars Direct

Mars has been Retrograde since September the 9th and goes direct on the 13th. This will hopefully give us the space we need to think clearer on our goals as we now have no planets in Retrograde. Mars can bring its fiery energy to our projects and ambitions but also our relationships so be aware of speaking without thinking. 

November 14th - Super New Moon In Scorpio

This New Moon in the intense sign of Scorpio can shine a light on deep hidden feelings we have been trying to ignore. Scorpio can help us connect to our shadow aspects and with this New Moon influence it can definitely heighten this energy so we may feel uncomfortable. But this is a positive shift as we are releasing what is no longer working in our lives and starting to learn and think from a whole different perspective that can shape us for some time to come. 

November 21st - Sun In Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a fun loving sign that loves to be adventurous. It brings with it optimism and a desire to explore our horizons. Some maybe feeling the Mars energy too much but when you work with Sagittarius it can bring alot more light hearted energy to projects. 

November 29th - Neptune Direct

As Neptune turns Direct again it brings with it the energy of clarity and understanding. Life will hopefully feel a little more plain sailing (of course not guaranteed right now) but the energy is less intense and allows space for our creativity to increase. Notice what inspires you and just allow yourself to tune into the joy of creating for the sake of it. 

November 30th - Lunar Eclipse Gemini

This Lunar Eclipse influences our communication and desire to bring the truth out there into the world. Be aware of polarised view points though as not everything is black and white, although we are often led to believe this is true. The energy of this Lunar Eclipse can help clear the way for new beginnings and I recommend you slow down and allow space for healing. Connect to your own inner truth. 

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