New Moon In Pisces: March 13th 2021

This New Moon falls in the dreamy Pisces, calling on us to get clear on our goals as well as showing us what is needing to be healed. Pisces is about shifting our awareness inward, bringing attention to our dreams and intuitive messages. 

The New Moon is an time of rebirth. To link in with our higher selves and gain clarity on what we want to bring into our lives. 

This New Moon also coincides with Venus and Neptune being close together. Venus the planet of love and Neptune, the planet of imagination and desire coincide to amplify the energy of this moon. It shines an light on what needs to be healed within us and in our relationships. 

What are you needing to let go off? Do you place too much pressure on yourself and others to be perfect? Our relationships can create an mirror of what is needing healed within us so if you are being especially triggered bring awareness to what is being triggered and why. 

We can often place our own happiness in the hands of another but that is far too much to ask of someone. We need to learn to build happiness from within. So instead of relying on someone else we instead connect on an deeper level of love and mutual respect. 

New Moon Ritual


New Moon Dream Ritual

  • Before bed use an relaxing essential oil or beauty balm that contains either lavender or Rose which can aid in relaxation and allow you to connect to your heart chakra.
  • Take an moment to breathe deeply in the scent and feel it wash over you, clearing your energy field. 
  • Call on your Spirit Guides and Angels. Imagine their loving energy surrounding you. Ask them to give you an sign in your dreams or to help bring healing. 
  • Write down 3 main intentions for the month ahead. What are you wanting to bring into your life? Visualise each intention in detail, seeing it happen and noticing what emotions it brings up. 
  • Take an moment to place your hands in prayer position at your heart. Ask your angels and guides to help bring you closer to your dreams and intentions. 
  • Now good to bed on an clear mind, knowing the angels are helping you to make your dreams an reality. 

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