February 2021 New Moon

New Moon in Aquarius – February 11th 2021

February 2021 New Moon

This New Moon activates our potential to reconnect to ourselves and each other as it brings with it emotions of compassion, empath and connectiveness. You may feel called to join an group or feel inspired by others to help within communities. The whole idea of being separate no longer works for us. We need to learn how to reconnect to each other. 

New Moons are the perfect time to set future intentions and re-evaluate any plans you may have had last month. With the Aquarian energy your being encouraged to think more outside the box so if something hasn’t been working try and see an higher perspective. What could work? How can you gain more clarity? What is your soul guiding you to do? 

Align with your inner hippy!

Aquarius brings that soft spiritual energy of synchronicities and going with the flow. It does not fight change but instead leans into it. What changes can you lean into in your life? Do you resist change and if so how can you go with the flow more?

Seeing the good in the world.

This New Moon is about moving past emotions of anger, fear and frustration and not projecting these feelings onto others. Instead, feel into those emotions. Allow them to come up and ask for your guides and angels to help you gently release these emotions. You may have alot coming up in your dreamtime as Aquarius energy brings up to the subconscious what needs to be seen in order to be released. 

It can be handy to have an dream or moon journal to write down how your feeling this week and any moments of triggers that may have came up for you to release. 

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