New Moon

New Moon Healing: 5 Ways To Manifest Your Dreams

New Moon

Aligning with the cycles of the Moon is a powerful way to manifest your dreams into an reality. Each phase of the moon cycle holds a particular energy or frequency that has an huge effect on our own psyche and wellbeing. When we learn to tap into these phases we can learn to really connect to not only the rhythm of nature and mother earth but our own bodies as well. So often we conform to the fast paced lifestyle that is literally spoon fed to us  from an early age. How often do we see books on how to be rich and successful but so little is taught to us about how to be authentic and trust our own bodies. For a long time society has been led by how rich and powerful you can be and we need to follow those in power but what about our own power? Your gifts are just as important and unique so prioritising your own dreams is an important step in connecting to your true life path. 

In this blog I’ll share some ways we can align with the New Moon which marks a time in the cycle of new beginnings. It is where we plant the seeds of our dreams and ideas. 

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Writing out your intentions gives you the clarity of what it is you really want. So when you write your intentions they have to come from the heart otherwise your manifesting powers will not be as strong. Some good questions to ask yourself is – What is the reason for me wanting this? How will it change my life for the better? Will this help those around me? Will I become a better person for it? Getting really clear on your whys is an important step towards manifesting your dreams so take some time on this step. I usually write down one main goal that I want to work towards and if it’s a really big goal then I will break it down into smaller steps and work on one each month as this means I become less overwhelmed and more likely to stick to it. 

2. Take Action/Plan

So writing down your goals isn’t enough. You need to have a plan of action for how your going to reach your goals. As much as I believe the Universe and our guides will help us we need to take that first step. So break down your goal for the month into smaller actionable steps. Write down an weekly action plan of what you want to achieve and by when. Use your phone (google calendar; goal apps etc) or get a planner. Make yourself accountable in some way as it can really hard to stick to our goals. I usually put a my goals in my diary on my phone so it pops up on a daily basis to keep me on track. 

3. Work On Your Blocks


As you start taking action on your goals you may come across blocks in your way or difficult feelings that make you want to give up. Please don’t. As this is showing you you are on the right path. Our blocks come up when we are doing something that is taking us outside our comfort zone. For me it’s like the hero or heroine journey. How often have we seen in movies the hero is having to fight against all the odds to get to where they want to be. Like Frodo with the Ring of Sauron trying to get to Mordor to destroy it. How do we overcome our blocks? By facing them down. Knowing where they are and where they came from is the first step. Then seeing what this block is showing you. What is it you are needing to see? What is this block showing you that needs to be healed? If our goals were easy we may not believe in them even if all our dreams come true. Because we need to work on ourselves and our energy first to get their. So use those moments you want to give up as inspiration. 

4. Let Go and Believe


Wanting your dreams to come true is one thing but BELIEVING they will is another. When we have faith in a higher power, whatever that means for you. Doesn’t have to be religious but having a belief in something greater than you that is guiding you allows you to let go of the reins a wee bit. When your constantly trying to control the outcome and fight to get to where you want to be you end up getting lost in the struggle. But when you learn to let go, accept and have faith that your dreams WILL come true then you have surrendered to the Universe. You know in your heart what you wish will come true and that is a powerful way to manifest. 

5. Align With Your Highest Self

highest self

Our dreams take time to come true. I’m not saying that once you align with the Moon Cycles each month your goals will immediately come true. But I am saying this is not just a journey about the Moon. Its a journey about YOU. Your dreams are important. Your important. We often live our lives through the expectations of others. Whether that’s our parents, spouses and friends. We so often try to conform to what society tells us to be. But I truly believe real success is different for every single one of us. It’s not always an insta worthy picture depicting a beautiful women holding the baby in a big house with a happy husband and lots of money. It can be overcoming a difficult health struggle, depression or even having a belief in yourself. A goal can be anything from wanting to be the best version of you to making a difference in the world. Don’t be defined by the outside world. Be the light you want to see in the world and follow that. I don’t want to sound all corny like that Loreal advert – Your Worth It. But you really are worth your dreams. Keep believing in them. 

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