Manifest Your Dream Life For 2023

Why does manifestation seem to work easily for some people and not for others? How can we make real positive change in our lives? In this blog I will be sharing with you my tried and tested manifestation tips that work. Read on to find out.

A Simple Guide To The Law Of Attraction

Manifestation is all about working with the Law of Attraction. This spiritual Law is based on the concept that what we put out into the world we attract back to us ie like attracts like. Think of your thoughts, emotions and actions as currency. The Law of Attraction is like your savings account. What you spend your energy on ie thoughts on money, success, happiness in a positive way is like adding money to your savings account. 

But when we put our energy into the idea of lack ie feeling like you never have enough or fears of self worth, takes that money out the bank. When we align our thoughts, feelings and actions on positive energy ie abundance, joy, love, happiness we increase this energy back to us. 

The Law of Attraction shows us that we have more control over our lives than we believe. But manifesting your dreams takes work as usually the biggest thing standing in your way is your own mindset.

Top 5 Manifestation Tips

1. Get Clear On Your Goals


Getting clear on what you want seems simple but actually it is something alot of us struggle with. On the surface you may want what everyone seems too – money, a comfortable life, nice house, nice stuff, health and happiness. But if you dig deeper and look into what your soul really wants it may come up with something different and more specific ie fulfilling job, doing something that makes a positive impact, being more creative, more time with family. 

So getting clear on what you truly want requires you to learn how to connect to your soul. This can mean learning to quiet the busy ego mind and providing space for your heart and soul to speak. Try this simple exercise below:

  1. Take 10 deep breathes in and out, feeling your body and mind relax
  2. As you become deeply relaxed visualise a beam of white high vibrational light moving into your heart space
  3. See this light activating your soul, making the light within your heart bigger and bigger with every breathe in so that it expands outwards
  4. Feel yourself being enveloped in this loving light and allow yourself some time to connect deeply to it
  5. From this space ask yourself what your soul desires? What is it you truly want to manifest? 
  6. Write down everything that comes up without questioning too much your answers

The more you connect to your soul and ask from that space of love the greater clarity you will receive. 

2. Understand Your Blocks Deeply

Being aware of your negative thinking and blocks is key to manifesting your dream life. Have the intention to become more aware of negative and limiting beliefs when they come up.

When you think of your goal and dream life what comes up for you? Is it excitement? Elation? or is it fear? Worry? Uncertainty? Notice those thoughts as they come up and look into them in more detail. Why are they there? Where did they come from? Have you picked up on fears from others?

Often as children we subconsciously pick up on the fears and emotions of the adults around us, taking on their fears as our own. By really digging deep into our limiting beliefs and blocks we better understand how we can get in our own way.

Maybe when you have tried to manifest before you subconsciously self sabotaged your own progress or gave up when the going got tough. But by learning how our mind works we can then retrain it to think differently. 

3. Practice Gratitude


Learning how to focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have is a powerful way to bring positive change and energy into your life. We can so often get caught in the trap of thinking we never have enough.

But this mindset can limit us. Having a daily gratitude practice is also a lovely way to to thank the Universe (or God, source etc) for all the incredible things you already have in your life.

The more you practice gratitude the more you start noticing positive opportunities so that you are more likely to say yes to the things that will make a difference and get you to where you want to be. Practicing gratitude is easy.

Simply write a list either in the morning or at night of all the things you have in your life that you are grateful for. It could be anything from having a roof over your head to family, your pets and friends. 

4. Meditate Daily

Meditation can be a powerful way to manifest your dreams. Even having 5 to 10 minutes a day dedicated to quietening your mind and focusing on your dream life and intentions can be a powerful way to bring yourself in alignment with your goals. You can also use this time to connect to your soul and bring yourself back to your big goal or dream. 

If you would like to start a daily meditation practice listen to my Law of Attraction Meditation here

5. Create An Action Plan

law of attraction

It’s all very well focusing on our mindset and getting clear on our goals but manifesting won’t work until we actually take action. When we make that commitment to the Universe that this is what we truly want your next step is to take action on your goals.

For example, you want to make a career change but the Universe is unlikely to just send you your dream job to your email without you moving a muscle (it could happen but unlikely).

But if you take positive action such as re-writing and sending out your CV to your dream employer or doing a course on what it is you want to change career paths too etc. 

This is why having an action plan is a powerful way to also set an intention because your not only getting clear on what you want but you know what next steps you need to take to get there.

So in a journal, diary, planner or whatever you want write down in big capitals your goal. Then write down your plan for the next year on the big change you need to make to get to that goal. Break this down into what you need to do each month, then weekly then daily.

For example my big goal for 2023 is to have a successful Spiritual Coaching business. So my aim for the year is to be able to do this work full time. To do that I need clients every month as well as offerings ie online courses, Coaching programs etc. My monthly goal will be to create this content and my weekly goal is to focus on my marketing.

That is just a small example so do some research on what you need to do to reach your goal and break it down into manageable steps. 

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