Oracle Cards

Are you ready to unlock your souls light? In this Blog I will be sharing my top 5 favourite oracle cards that will help you tune into your souls divine wisdom and guidance. Oracle cards can help us to awaken our intuition due to the fact certain images, words and symbols can awaken and unlock our subconscious mind, creating opportunity for us to tune inward. Oracle Cards can be a powerful tool to help teach us to tune into our intuition. As a small disclaimer, oracle cards are not the be all end all of predicting our future. I have never used them in that way but more as a tool to awaken my own inner guidance so that now I rarely need to use cards at all. 

1. Secret Language Of Light

Oracle Cards

I recently purchased the Secret Language of Light and just adore the imagery and beautiful high frequency symbolism and energy that emanates from these cards. You can tell they have been created with love. These cards are a beautiful way for you to learn how to tune into your souls wisdom and light. When you pick a card take a moment to tune into the energy and image of the card, notice what emotions, thoughts and feelings that arise. Each card also has an powerful meditation, which is great for people who want to deepen their meditation practice and really learn how to tap into their souls wisdom. 

Secret Language of Light Oracle by Denise Jarvie – RRP £21.99 on Amazon 

2. Work Your Light Oracle

oracle cards

The Work Your Light Oracle, created by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel is a beautiful deck that combines ancient wisdom with divine feminine energy. There is alot of gorgeous goddess imagery with each card having a simple yet profound message that will touch your soul. I’ve used these cards so much over the years and each time I do they always provide the highest guidance and have helped me connect to my souls path. Especially those times I felt stuck or lost. The guidance is always gentle with the imagery helping to unlock lost wisdom and bring healing to your heart. 

Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell: RRP £13.99

3. Star Temple Oracle

Oracle Card

Many lightworkers, empaths and sensitives I have worked with feel a deep connection to the Stars and often struggle with finding their place in a world that is filled with chaos and polarity. A Starseed is a soul that has lived many lifetimes on other Planets. They may still hold some memories of their past life their and I’ve made it my focus this year to learn more about Starseeds and their connections to other Planets. During my research I came across this beautiful deck that combines the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine with the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a Star that many empaths feel a strong connection too. This Deck helps support you on your learning journey and is filled with alot of information about each card as well as practical steps to take to connect and awaken your intuition.  

Star Temple Oracle by Suzy Cherub: RRP £22.66
Oracle Cards

The Beyond Lemuria Deck is also a beautiful Oracle Card for Lightworkers and Starseeds as it infuses Ancient Wisdom with knowledge from other Planets and beings of light. Each card has a beautiful imagery that is filled with such powerful energy it takes my breathe away sometimes. It also brings forward ancient wisdom in the form of lightcodes that helps you to awaken your subconscious as well as indepth information on how to work with each card. This deck helps us understand the power of our soul.  

Beyond Lemuria by Izzy Ivy: RRP £18.19

5. Rose Oracle

Oracle Cards

If you feel a calling in your soul to work closer with the energy of the Goddess, an highly recommend the Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell. The artist to this card is Katie-Louise who is an intuitive spiritual artist and her work is beautiful in this deck. It combines the etheric gentleness of angels along with the symbols of the divine feminine, including the Rose. This is a beautiful deck that opens your heart and soul to the ancient wisdom that is all around us. 


Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell: RRP £16.63

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