Morning Rituals To Nourish Your Soul

Your mornings are an important part of your day. Do you start the day filled with chaotic energy and fear or do you start it with compassion and nourishment? In this blog I will be sharing some simple morning rituals you can use that will uplift the spirit and nourish the soul. 

Your soul is the very essence of who you are. The fundamental truth of the soul is that we were never broken. Humanity has stepped away from this truth. We are bombarded so often as consumers and told that we need to be thinner, fitter, more beautiful, confident, less confident, feminine, stronger, tougher, have more money and just generally be more. But your soul needs none of these things. It only seeks for truth, higher learning and love. That is what your soul is…love.

It is believed that when it is finally our time to leave our bodies it is our souls that transcend back to source. We become the light that we once originated from. So your soul is like an eternal flame that burns in all it’s glory and is here in this incarnation to learn, grow and expand. That is why we need to nurture and nourish this flame. Because it brings us passion, love and wisdom if we open up to our soul’s light. 

Rituals To Nourish The Soul

1. Meditation


Mornings if we allow it, can be a sacred time of peace and solitude. An opportunity for us to connect to our hearts and visualise the day ahead. Of  course this isn’t always possible if you have young children or erratic working hours but even just catching a few moments of peace where you can close your eyes and connect to your breathe can make a huge difference to your wellbeing. Below is a simple meditation I use every morning: 

  • Take a moment to slow down your breathe and notice any areas of tension, breathing deeply into those areas and visualising tension melting away.

  • Bring your awareness to your heart and visualise within a vibrant bright light. This light is your soul and as you breathe deeply in imagine with your in-breathe this light expanding and becoming bigger and brighter

  • See this light expand out from your heart and then surround your whole body so that you are vibrating higher in this luminous light. 

  • Call on your soul to guide you for the rest of the day. Keep your breathe centred in this space and if you can write down any messages that may come through

2. Listen To Something That Inspires You


I’ve gotten back into audible and loving the ease of just being able to listen to an inspiring book. Lately I’ve been listening to Dr Joe Dispenza and Dolores Cannon and having their books as part of my morning ritual has been amazing. In the mornings your mind is ready for new information and isn’t it better to listen or watch something nourishing rather than something that brings fear or lowers your vibration like the news. When we feel inspired we are nourishing our souls and activating our own creative gifts. 

3. Listen To Frequency Music


Through the power of music and tones we can bring the mind, body and spirit back into balance. Our world is composed of vibration including of course, ourselves and our souls. Certain frequencies can bring harmony and healing into our bodies and Science is definitely catching up with this ancient system. Many therapists use tuning forks to harmonise their clients energy fields with Music healers such as Jonathan Goldman delving deep into the human psyche and soul with his music. 

You can easily listen to frequencies through resources such as Youtube and Spotify. My favourite just now is Jonathan Goldmans Sounds of Light album which you can listen here. If you would like to learn more about the different types of healing frequencies and their uses check out my blog on Solfeggio Frequencies here

4. Write From Your Soul

inner child healing

Your soul holds so much wisdom and love but how do we connect to that? Channelling is one powerful way to bring information from our souls to our everyday lives. This means simply getting into a relaxed state of mind either through meditation or listening to music (as mentioned earlier) and from that space asking questions and writing down the first thought that comes to mind. To start you off do the simple meditation above and then on a piece of paper write “What does my soul want me to know today?”

Then as you connect to your soul and stay relaxed, let the words or images flow from your soul down through your hands and onto the paper. Let go of what you think you should be writing and instead allow the thinking mind to take a back seat and allow your heart to take over. The more you do this the easier it becomes. 

5. Pick An Oracle Card

I love oracle cards, especially the beautiful feminine ones such as Rebecca Campbells, Starseed Oracle. I’ve worked with angel and tarot cards for over 20 years now and it still amazes me how accurate they can be. For me an Oracle Reading isn’t about predicting the future but it’s about connecting to our soul. The cards can be like a gateway. They give us insight and guidance into our current energy. Mornings can be the perfect way to use cards and if you have a deck call on your soul to give you guidance for the day ahead and then simply choose one card (intuitively). See and feel into the imagery on the card. What is it telling you? What is the energy of the card? What other intuitive messages come through? Once you have a clear idea of the message keep the card close to you throughout the day so you can keep tuning into the energy of it.  



inner child healing

A ritual can be anything that you repetitively do for your greater wellbeing. These are just some simple rituals you can start doing each day but even making a cup of coffee or tea can be a ritual if you do it mindfully and with love. So ask yourself each morning how you can nourish your soul and raise your vibration? Because the more you do this the greater service you can be for others. Your light is so needed right now and allowing more space for this light to grow will mean greater purpose for you as you understand your soul gifts and how to work with these gifts each day. 

Soul Coaching
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