Moon Manifestation

Moon Manifestation Course

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When you live in alignment with the cycles of the moon you become more in tune to your energy. In this Moon Manifestation course we will be working through the 8 phases of the Moon and how to live in alignment with the cycles of the Moon to create your dream life.

In this Moon Manifestation Course we will be learning how to align with the powerful energies of the Moon to manifest our dreams. In the next few weeks you will learn the different phases of the Moon and how to align and use these energies to transform your life. In this modern world we have forgotten the ancient wisdom of how to align with the cycles of our planet. 


This Moon Manifestation course is designed to get you connected to your manifestation powers by aligning your energy with the powerful cycles of the moon.


In this course we will be:


Learning how to work with each phase of the moon cycle

Cultivating an success mindset and learning how to overcome our blocks

Getting clear on our goals

Develop a deep inner confidence in your self and your gifts

Learn how to tap into your intuition and trust your inner wisdom


Each moon phase has a specific energy or frequency that, when in tune with can help us to not only learn the cycles in our own lives but allows us to really connect to our selves in a way that we may not often do.

Each lesson has information about the meaning of the moon phases as well as practical tools such as workbooks and meditations. To know the current phase that you are in you can just simply check online or download the printable moon phase calendar provided. It is best to start from the New Moon as this is the phase aligned with new beginnings, which can really help you to get clear on your goals.


Below is a summary of the lessons for each moon phase


♥New Moon: Intention and Manifestation
In this lesson we will be working with the powerful energy of the new moon, getting clear on your goals and learning about manifestation and how to bring them into a reality.

♥Waxing Crescent: Intentions and Actions
This is the stage after the New Moon and is about taking action on our goals and breaking them down into manageable steps. In this phase we will have workbooks as well as a meditation to keep you in alignment.

♥First Quarter: Blocks and Fears
Within this lesson we will be working on any blocks and fears that may have derailed in you in the past from achieving your dreams. We will also be working with the powerful frequency with the Violet Flame to cleanse and clear your energy field.

♥Waxing Gibbous: Law of Attraction
Learn the secret power of the law of attraction in this lesson. You will be given a step by step guide on how to make your dreams a reality and to work on your mindset so you can achieve anything you set your mind too.

♥Full Moon: Release and Awaking Your Divine Feminine
This is the most powerful phase and when the energy is at its most intense. During this phase we will be working on releasing anything that has been holding you back as well as aligning you with your feminine energy and power.

♥Waning Gibbous: Cleansing and Soul Journalling
After the powerful energies of the Full Moon now is the time to slow down and go inward. In this lesson we will be working on cleansing and clearing our energy fields as well as learning how to tap into our souls through journalling.

♥Third Quarter: Chakra Balancing
Following on from the cleansing energy of the Waning Moon we will be delving deeper into learning to tap into our own bodies wisdom and clearing our chakras so that we feel more balanced.

 ♥Balsamic Moon: Tapping Into Your Highest Self

During the loving and gentle energy of the Balsamic Moon we will be learning how to slow down and tune into our own higher wisdom. This phase is all about going inward and tapping into our souls and our spirit guides for clarity, insight and wisdom.

Moon Manifestation

Once you sign up to our course via Teachable you also get access to our FREE and supportive Facebook Community. 

This is a loving and safe community where you can meet other Students and get advice and support. This is not just for the duration of the course but you can be in this group as long as you need too. 

Cost of this course is now £72  £42 (Incl Tax) 

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