March 2021 Astrology

Astrology Forecast For March 2021

March 2021 Astrology

Astrology Forecast So Far

So 2021 has been well um…interesting. We had some major planetary alignments in January, the effects of which could be felt all throughout February. As we move into the Age of Aquarius we are all going through an major energetic shift. 

Many empaths are certainly struggling with this and so February taught us to really slow down and tune into our intuition more than ever before. 

This coming month Mercury and The New Moon enter the watery sign of Pisces bringing up deep emotions and making us want to step into our power more than ever before. 

Find out more in this months astrology forecast.

Key Dates:

March 3: Mars enters Gemini 

March 13: New Moon In Pisces

March 15: Mercury enters Pisces

March 20: Sun enters Aries

March 21: Venus enters Aries

March 28: Full Moon in Libra

March 3rd: Mars Enters Gemini

With Geminis ability to adapt to situations and Mars fiery nature this combination can bring with it an scattered energy that is ungrounded. Notice if your trying to do or be too many things at once as the influence of this transit can make us feel all over the place. So around this date it’s important to keep yourself grounded. Eat healthy where you can and practice grounding meditation techniques such as deep breath work as well as having time to rest. 

March 13th: New Moon In Pisces

Venus is in conjunction with Neptune amplifying the beautiful water energy of Pisces. This New Moon brings awareness to our relationships. How can we deepen our connection with each other and ourselves? What makes you feel loved and secure? 

New Moons are all about setting intentions for the month ahead an planting seeds of renewed growth and prosperity. As this is an emotional New Moon it can help to factor in how you want to be feeling rather than what you physically want to bring into your life. For instance, if your wanting more success and abundance you can affirm “I feel secure and abundant as I go with the flow of life.”

March 15th: Mercury Enters Pisces

This is an time to go with the flow rather than forcing things to happen as the planet of messages moves into the water sign of Pisces, bringing an deeper connection to our intuition. Be mindful of anything significant that may come up in your dreams as it is often during our dream time that we receive messages from the divine. Trust and allow the dream-like quality of Pisces to surround you with her gentle energy. 

March 20th: Sun Enters Aries

As we move into Spring the energy of abundance and renewed growth catapults us forward and makes us (hopefully) feel more energised. Tune into mother earth and the bountiful energy that she brings as we now change into longer days and shorter nights. This Winter has felt especially long so this is an time to get excited and energised for what’s to come. 

March 21st: Venus Enters Aries

The go-getter sign of Aries moves into the planet of love, Venus. This can bring our awareness more to what we want and how we can get what we want. This combination brings an deep masculine energy to an very feminine start to the month. This is good as it brings more balance into our lives and helps drive us forward and keeps us determined to succeed. 

March 28th: Full Moon In Libra

Libra is the sign of justice and balance and the theme of this month has definitely been one of balance. We are all striving for this right now and this Full Moon brings awareness to what we maybe holding onto that is keeping us off balance and in an state of fear. Focus intentions around healing and letting go of anything that no longer serves you. 

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