Moon Manifestation

By learning how to bring ourselves in alignment with the energy of the Moon we can learn to increase our Manifestation powers and activate our own natural intuition. 

Ever since the dawn of time humans have been fascinated with the Moon and how it can affect us on such an emotional and physical level. We have such a strong primal connection to the moon but in today’s society and with the advancement of technology we have forgotten how to utilise it’s power for healing and manifestation.

In this blog learn how to work with the energy of the moon for manifestation and healing. By doing this you are aligning your energy and intuition with a powerful force.

New Moon - New Beginnings

Moon Manifestation

The New Moon happens when the Sun (masculine) and Moon (feminine) are in alignment. The New Moon symbolises New Beginnings which means it is the perfect time to set intentions and goals for the month ahead. 

The Moon is in the dark phase, so you cannot see it. And as the days progress the moon becomes bigger and brighter. 

So when we are focusing on manifestation we want to mirror that energy. By creating a regular practice of honouring the cycles of the moon is a powerful step towards manifesting as Moon energy aligns with our heart centre so what desires and dreams within your heart can become a reality.

During this phase get clear on your goals. Write down your main intention for the month ahead and how you are going to achieve it. Meditate on your goal, visualise it happening for you with as much clarity as possible. Throughout the month do this visualisation daily. 

Waxing Crescent - Set Intentions and Take Action

Moon Manifestation

As we move into the next phase of the moon cycle, the waxing crescent, which means that less than one half of the moon is visible, we start building on that good vibe positive energy from the New Moon. The New Moon is where we planted our ideas and dreams and now it’s time for the hard work. To start taking action on our dreams. The Moon is in this phase for up to 2 weeks and is the perfect time to be positive, motivated and working on a clear plan of what actions need to be taken.

This is an ideal time to create an action plan around your goals. Keep in alignment with your big why, your reason for wanting to achieve this goal. Break your goal down into manageable monthly and weekly tasks that can be easily achievable. 

First Quarter - Clearing Blocks and Self Doubt

Moon Manifestation

The First Quarter phase is when the Sun and Moon form a 90 degree angel, so that half the moon is illuminated and the rest is in shadow. Within this phase is where we can come up against any challenges or blocks. This is a good thing though. It means that the seeds you have planted are taking root, but for your dreams to grow they need to push through the obstacles, just as a new seedling needs to break through the soil and grow. I find this Moon Phase can teach us so much if we just tune in and listen. We all have dreams but it takes determination and strength to go for them.

Resistance is an natural part of the Manifestation process. So when resistance comes up within you take an step back from it. Allow yourself to see and acknowledge any self sabotaging patterns or limiting beliefs you are holding. Then set positive affirmations to counteract these beliefs when they arise to start building an more robust mindset.

Waxing Gibbous - Alignment

Moon Manifestation

A Waxing Gibbous Moon is one phase away from becoming a Full Moon and in they sky is almost fully illuminated. The energy of this moon phase is adjustment. 

When we are working hard towards our goals during our manifestation journey we begin to see the fruition of our labour. This is the perfect time to reassess projects and ideas to see what is working and what maybe needs to be let go off. It maybe that you need to change direction or reevaluate what is needing done. 

This is an ideal time to go over your goals and action plan. Tune inward and check that everything is still resonating with you and if not make adjustments or re-assess the direction you want to go in.

Full Moon - Releasing

Moon Manifestation

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the moon so that it becomes fully illuminated. During this time the energy becomes much more heightened and whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit maybe amplified during this phase. This is often why people maybe a little more crazier than normal, as emotions can be running high due to the powerful energy that is being poured down.

This is also an powerful time to connect to your own Divine Feminine nature and the Goddess within. Learn to connect to your own feminine wisdom as well as your natural cycle.

During this phase we are being called to slow down and tune inward. This is an ideal time for meditation, self care and healing rituals. Allow space for healing energy to move through you as you make way for new opportunities.

Waning Gibbous Moon - Self-Care and Gratitude

Moon Manifestation

This phase occurs about 3 – 7 days after the Full Moon. It is when the moon shifts back towards the darkness of the Full Moon, becoming less illuminated.

After the intense energy of the Full Moon you maybe feeling a little more drained than normal. You may also be feeling self reflective so watch out for negative thinking or feeling like your not actually getting anywhere. Trust me you are.

During this phase we will be working towards building a sense of gratitude as we are wanting to bring your focus back to not only what you want to be creating, but what you already have.

This is a time to be still, reflective and more present. This is not an ideal time to start new projects but to rest and give yourself the space to clear your energy for the New Moon.

As we move through this phase focus on building an self care routine that supports your spiritual growth. Maybe start a gratitude journal or an yoga or meditation practice. Find what feels good for you and allow more space for ritual in your life.

Third Quarter Moon - Reflection

Moon Manifestation

The Third Quarter Moon Phase occurs about 7 to 10 days after the Full Moon. The energy of this phase is one of reflection. A time to go inward and evaluate where you are. Don’t be despondent if you feel you haven’t achieved your dreams yet. So much is shifting within your own energy field that you more you work with the cycles of the moon it easier it will be for you to feel aligned. Therefore slowing down during this phase is required in order for you to prepare for the next lunar phase.

This moon phase is all about slowing down and tuning inward to your body. Take moments throughout the day to tune into your own personal needs and wellbeing. Ask your body what it needs to feel nourished and loved. Below is a simple ritual you can do during this phase to clear and cleanse any negative energies or situations that may still be holding you back.

Balsamic - Heal and Soothe

Moon Manifestation

The Balsamic Moon Phase (also known as the Waning Crescent) occurs about 10 and a half days after the full moon and is the last phase before the new moon. This final moon phase means exactly what the name implies – Balsamic comes from the word “Balsam,” to heal and soothe. During this phase we are reminded to learn how to forgive ourselves as well as others. To surrender to what is, without fear or control. During this phase your intuition is high but your energy levels will feel low. Sleep time can be one of powerful dreams or waking up still feeling drained as your sixth sense is strong.

Allow more space to connect to your intuition through meditation or during dream time. Write down any thoughts, intuitive feelings and dreams that may come through during this phase. This is all guidance from your higher self. Allow life to flow without force and keep in alignment with the energy of trust and openness. 

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