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Self-care can be anything from eating nourishing food to doing Yoga and Meditation. But I love bringing a little magic in my self care routines to bring more healing and inner peace.

The word ‘magical’ can conjure up images of witchy kitchens, spells and pointy hats. I’ve been practicing wicca for a number of years and I’m certainly no expert but magic can mean so much more. In its simplest form it is basically rituals used with intention.

We can do magical things everyday. From making a wish when we blow out our birthday candles to using aromatherapy when we want to relax. Life can be as magical as you want to make it. You just have to have the intention of love when you do your rituals.

In this blog I’ll be showing you some simple ways you can incorporate magic into your own self care routines. 

Create A Self Care Alter


An alter can be a simple part of your daily ritual. It is basically a small part of your home dedicated to your spiritual practices.

On my alter I bought a pretty pyramid shelf from B and M (it was only a fiver) to house my crystals and candles. I also use a basic coloured cloth and I place all my favourite oracle cards and affirmations on my alter along with items that remind me of my path such as feathers.

I use my alter as a focus point for my meditation. Usually I light an incense or a candle, lower the lights and meditate in-front of my alter. This is just a simple way of reminding you to dedicate a bit of time for you. 

Clear Your Energy Field

clear energy

On good and bad days we can easily absorb all the negative energy that is around us. This could be from spending too much time on social media, watching the news or taking on any pain or worries from others. If you are a reiki healer it can help to practice doing a regular reiki cleanse over your body each day but even if your not you can still benefit from doing a regular energy cleanse. 

A simple way to do this is simply to lie down or sit up and place your hands over your heart. Then imagine a vibrant white light pouring out from your hands and into your heart. Say to yourself “I clear and cleanse my energy field now.” Then place your hands on your throat, head, solar plexus and feet. Each time imagining white light flowing from your hands to your body. Afterwards you should feel much calmer and more at ease. 

Get Grounded Out In Nature

Connecting to Mother Earth is believed to lower blood pressure and help us to feel more grounded and less stressed. This is hardly surprising considering we are part of the Earth and she is a part of us. But through the society we live in we have moved far away from Mother Earth and all her magical wisdom.

As a wiccan nature is a huge part of our rituals. We believe the God and Goddess is felt through every part of our natural environment. The trees, the animals, the herbs that we can grow for healing, the crystals we use for spiritual connection.

So reconnecting to our roots and getting grounded is a massive part of my self care rituals. I take regular walks out in nature with my dogs and breathe in the deep peace of the trees and the natural rhythm of Earth. Take time out in your day to even just go for a simple walk. It can help so much just to even clear your head and the more you do it the better you will feel. 

Align With The Cycles Of The Moon


Moon Magic is one of my favourite ways to bring self care into my routine. The cycles of the moon is connected to our own divine feminine wisdom. It can help heal your own feminine energy and allow you to manifest your dreams. You can learn more about the moon in my latest Moon Manifestation Course here. A simple cleansing ritual you can do is on the New Moon where we set our intentions for the month ahead. Find out when your next New Moon is in a moon calendar. You can access one online here. 

Then on a New Moon simply light a white candle and write down your intentions for the month ahead. What goals you are wanting to achieve or even how you want to feel. Then keep your intention in a jar and put your favourite crystals in it. This is called your intention jar and at the end of each moon cycle you can go over your intentions to keep you on the right track. 


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Joanna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Master Reiki Teacher and Healer and Angel Teacher. She teaches online workshops, classes and courses as well as readings for lightworkers and starseeds. If you would like to learn more please follow on Social Media below.

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