Spiritual Tools

There was a time I used to deal with panic attacks and a daily anxiety ridden fear of nearly everything in this world. I would end up at Doctors for strange, inexplainable illnesses as a result of my own body attacking me, something my own mind was doing perfectly well. 

In my late 20s my anxiety and depression had reached a cold dark place and I honestly didn’t want to be here anymore. I had reached rock bottom and nothing in science or psychology could help me. I had read every self help book there was but at that point I could not feel any worse. 

During that time I had went into a little spiritual crystal shop along the road from where I lived. It was in that shop I suddenly felt a glimmer of hope as I had my first Reiki Session. Reiki is an non-invasive energetic treatment based on Eastern Philosophy and Medicine. 

After my first Session I immediately felt lighter. I could feel clearer, more grounded and a deep knowing that I had found my path. I then decided to learn how to do Reiki, then afterwards Crystal Healing, eventually moving to Angel Healing and Oracle Readings. Over time I built up a client list and started to learn about Soul Coaching and the tools and techniques my clients could use to facilitate their healing and spiritual journey. 

In this blog I will be sharing these tools that have helped my clients over the years and hopefully help you too. 


1. Start The Day With A Positive Intention

Spiritual Tools

When we start the day on the right energetic tone we feel more in control of our mind and our emotions. Mornings is the ideal opportunity to set powerful, positive intentions for the day ahead. Intentions is simply us sending out a message to the Universe for what we want to bring into our lives. When we state an intention with belief and trust that our prayers will be answered we let go of controlling and negative thoughts, instead aligning with our highest self. 

So as soon as you wake up either write down using pen and paper or on your phone an intention you want to set for the day. What is it you want to do today? If you could visualise your day in the most positive light what would it look like? What would you be doing? How would you feel? Write down an intention that encapsulates this visualisation or you can use some ideas below.

“Today I align with my highest good, calling on the energy of love, abundance and healing”

“Thankyou Universe for bringing so many blessings to me today!” 

“Today I will be successful in whatever I set my mind too”


2. Call In Higher Light


We are all energetic beings with every part of our Universe being made up of Energy. We can call in and utilise energy or Universal Life Force to help us in raising our own vibration, simply through the power of intention and visualisation. On a daily basis I call in higher light to help bring me back into alignment with my soul and clear any anxious or lower energies and emotions. You can too using these simple steps:

1. Take a moment to connect to your breathe by breathing deeply in for the count of 4 then out for the count of 5. Do a few rounds to calm the mind and body.

2. Then set the intention of calling in high frequency white light. Visualise a beam of white light flowing from the Universe down through the top of your head and eventually out through the bottom of your feet, anchoring you within an high dimensional light.

3. Then visualise this energy moving into your heart space as you breathe deeply in. Sense, feel or see this light activating your soul located within your heart and feel an beautiful expansion of love. 

4. Ground this light by visualising it move down from your feet into the earth below. 



3. Ground Yourself In Nature

Spiritual Tools

Br bringing ourselves back to the simplicity of Mother Earth we are able to connect to our souls and find inner peace. Nature is scientifically proven to have a healing effect on the mind and body, reducing anxiety and helping us to find a deeper connection to ourselves. 

This is because we were never designed to live outside of nature. We were meant to live with our natural world but over the years of human evolution we have forgotten who we are. We believed at some point the natural world was something that needed to be controlled, used and abused for our own ends. Doing so has resulted in us being cut off from our own higher wisdom and soul. 

By finding our connection to Mother Earth again we are able to bring back the Ancient Wisdom of our Planet and find more harmony in our own lives. You can do this simply through the act of mindful walking – where you slow down the mind and breathe, bringing yourself to the present moment. 

Taking time to notice the colours around you, the sounds, the smells and how you feel are all powerful ways to bring our connection back to the natural world and find healing in the magic of our Mother. 



4. Practice Deep Breathing

Spiritual Life Coach

When we slip into a state of anxiety and fear our breathing immediately becomes shallower, creating a deepening wave of anxiety that sometimes can lead to panic attacks. As someone who used to be a Panic Attack sufferer I can definitely contend to the benefits of mindful and deep breathing. 

Our breathe can be such a powerful anchor especially when our minds are all over the place. And it only takes a few short minutes to feel the benefits. 

A simple exercise to try is the Box breathe where you breathe in for an equal time as you breathe out. I would usually start with the count of 4 ie breathe in for 4 hold for 2 then breathe out for 4 and hold for 2. Do this whenever your feeling anxious or overwhelmed and notice afterwards how your body feels. 

Another exercise to try is the Wim Hof Method. Wim Hof is a mindfulness and extreme cold teacher that shows the capabilities of the human mind overcome the body. It takes a bit of time and practice to master the Wim Hof breathing technique but doing it once a day can really bring incredible benefits, reducing anxiety and bringing our awareness back to the present moment. For a great introductory video start here



5. Learn How To trust Your Intuition

Our intuition is our ability to know the path we need to take without critical or analytical thinking. Living through our intuition can help bring us into the natural flow of life as we learn to listen too and trust ourselves so that the outside world becomes less of a distraction and our internal world is more harmonious.

To trust your intuition is really about taking time to know when something feels right or doesn’t. For instance when we get this calling to make a big change in our lives we may feel fear but also an expansion in our hearts as our body and spirit is telling us this is the right action to take. 

Learning to hone in our intuitive skills takes time and practice with meditation being a powerful way to connect to our subconscious mind. You can try this simple third eye meditation technique below to activate your intuition

 1. Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out, allowing your mind and body to become more and more relaxed with every breathe.

2. Call in the light from the previous exercise to raise our vibration and anchor ourselves

3. Visualise a quartz crystal within your third eye located between your brows. As you breathe in visualise a beam of light moving into this quartz crystal, activating and clearing the energy there. \

4. Sense or feel this light expanding your intuition as the energy becomes clearer. Notice any images, signs or thoughts that come up as you work with the energy there.

5. Call in your angels and guides to help activate your intuition and bring you more in alignment with your higher self. Close by visualising roots flowing from your feet down into Mother Earth. Finish by thanking your guides and angels for their support. 



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This month I created a Free Online Angel Course to help others connect to their angels and start building their own angel meditation practice right from the comfort of home. This Course works with the main Archangels and is a great introduction to the Angelic Realms and how to start opening up your own heart and intuition to their loving presence. 

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