Astrology Forecast

Astrology Forecast For June 2021

Astrology Forecast

The Month of June brings opportunities for change and transformation. The Astrology Forecast Astrologically for this month is an busy one as more Planets move Retrograde, causing us to be forced to focus inward and work on transformation within. 

We will also still be moving through the Eclipse season which also brings with it change as well as friction as we are forced to notice in our lives what is no longer resonating with us. 


June 2nd - Venus Enters Cancer

A day for self care and inner healing

As Venus the Planet of love and relationships moves into the nurturing sign of Cancer we’re being asked how can we mother ourselves more. How much love do we truly send ourselves? Don’t be afraid to feel all the feels today as emotionally this transit can make you feel an tad sensitive. 

June 5th - Mars Opposite Pluto

A day for honest communication

This is an interesting alignment as Mars is an pretty fiery sign and the last time we experienced this energy was back in 2020. The energy of today is very much about bringing to the surface truths and truly understanding all the pieces of an very uncertain jigsaw puzzle as alot of things have been kept hidden.  

June 10th - New Moon Solar Eclipse In Gemini

A day for setting intentions

An Eclipse represents new beginnings and amplifies the energy of the New Moon. This Eclipse offers opportunities of expansion, growth and change. This is an time to trust your intuition and set clear intentions of what you want to bring into your life. 

June 11th - Mars Enters Leo

A day for taking action on goals

The fiery combination of Mars and Leo makes this an idea time to start taking action on your goals. This is also an good time to work on your creative spark and see what inspires you. 

June 13th - Sun Squares Neptune

A day for going inward

Today is an day for focus on your inner work as outwardly things may not feel as clear as they had an few days ago so if your feeling stuck or uncertain how to move forward take an moment to pause. Don’t make any hard fast decisions unless you have all the available information. 

June 14th - Saturn Squares Uranus

A day for clearing blocks

This is an powerful combination that may pack quite an punch as the theme of these last 2 years has been built around Saturn and Uranus who have caused quite an upheaval in the world. When this two square it brings with it intense energies that can help clear away our blocks and break us free from our own fears. It can bring some intense and constricted energies in the outer world with Society as an whole feeling called to move in an different direction than maybe what Governments want. 

June 20th - Jupiter Enters Retrograde

A day for self care

As another planet (4 in total) moves Retrograde it can really slow things down, forcing us to look back at the past in an different light and learn deeper truths and meanings. This is really an time to work on self care and finding ways and rituals that will support you if your having to move through some deeper inner shadow work. 

June 20th/21st - Sun Enters Cancer/Solstice

A day for connecting to our guides

The Solstice is always an powerful time to connect to our higher selves and our guides as the veil between dimensions is that bit thinner and it becomes easier to trust our intuition. Notice any signs or synchronicities around you and stay grounded as sometimes during periods of higher awareness we can easily become overwhelmed. 

June 22nd - Mercury Moves Direct

A day for trusting the Universe

It can be hard to see the path ahead during an Retrograde but as Mercury moves direct again it becomes that bit easier and the energies lighten alot more. This is an time to really let go of control and trust that the Universe will support you when you have faith. 

June 24th - Super Full Moon In Capricorn

A day for grounding and connecting

This powerful full Moon brings with it an earthy more grounded energy due to the sign of Capricorn which can help us to really work on our root chakra and clear any blocks within this space. This is an good day to reconnect to nature and move with the natural rhythm of mother earth. 

June 25th - Neptune Retrograde

A day for trusting our intuition

Neptune is the loving watery planet that helps us connect to our emotions and our intuition. As it moves Retrograde we may feel called to nostalgic memories or moving through past pain that may still be holding you back today. Whatever happens just allow whatever emotions to come up so that they can be released. It might also help to journal on this day. 

June 26th - Venus Enters Leo

A day for pampering ourselves

As Venus the planet of love moves into the fiery sign of Leo we may feel called to work on self care and healing. This is an good day to really work on pampering yourself or indulging in some way. This is also an good time to spend with loved ones, creating stronger relationships based on honest communication and mutual respect. 

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