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Indigo Moon Astrology Forecast For October 2021

Astrology Forecast

The astrology forecast and main energy theme of October is one of healing, transformation and a time to retreat. We have a number of Planets Retrograde, forcing us to really slow down and re-evaluate the year and how we want to move forward. We also have the Sun and Mars in Conjunction, with Mars representing the stead fast brave warrior and with the influence of the Sun it illuminates the warrior within, asking us how we can be the hero of our own story. 

This is a month to really slow down and take stock of what we want out of this year. Maybe it’s clarity, peace or more love. Make sure to have time for self care as the influence of Mars can be a great driving force but if we don’t slow down we can also risk over exhaustion so try not to have too many spinning plates on at once.

Read on to find out the main astrology dates for October 2021 and how you can make this your life changing month. 

October 6th - Libra New Moon and Pluto Direct

A day for rest, fun and recharging

Libra brings the energy of balance and harmony to this months New Moon as we seek to find more ways to bring joy into our lives. This is also due to the influence of Pluto who shifts Direct and calls on us to work on building more confidence in our abilities. This is a good day to really bring some light hearted energy to any collective gatherings. Taking a more life hearted approach is definitely needed so find small ways to bring more joy into your life. 

October 7th - Sun Conjuncts Mars

A day for tackling admin, goals and new ideas

Mars can really pack a punch due to its ambitious and courageous energy and with the influence of the Sun we might feel super motivated and excited about taking on new projects or ideas. This is a good day to do some goal setting and creating an action plan but remember not too take on too much as later on a number of Planets that move retrograde will be forcing us to slow down. 

October 9th - Sun Aligns With Mercury

A day for intuition and spiritual growth

The influence of Mercury is heightened by the energy of the Sun which really calls on us to look deep within and gain some clarity about our souls calling. This is a good time to work on your intuition through meditation and taking note of any signs or sychronisities that maybe guiding you to a particular path. 

October 10th - Saturn Direct

A day for manifesting and working on self worth

Saturn moves direct after being Retrograde since 23rd May. With the influence of Pluto also being Direct we learn to work on finding our soul purpose and passion with Saturn helping us to create stronger boundaries and more focus. We also have the numerology influence of 10 10 which opens doorways to the higher realms and new beginnings. Focus on what you do want at this time as your intuition maybe heightened as well as your powers of manifestation. 

October 17th - Jupiter Direct

A day for clearing limiting beliefs

The influence of Jupiter moving Direct after being Retrograde since June 20th helps us to expand our horizons and tap into any negative self belief patterns that has been holding us back. Jupiter represents expansion and growth and helps us to things from a higher perspective. This is a good day to journal around any limiting belief patterns you may have as well as having more confidence in speaking up and sharing your truth. 

October 18th - Mercury Direct

A day for tapping into your authentic voice

Mercury influences our voice and how we share with the world our truth. It helps us to know what is real and what isn’t as anything that has been hidden or anyone that is not being true to themselves may find the influence of this Direct challenging. We are being called to see all sides of a situation that not everything is at it seems. Use your heart to see the truth. 

October 20th - Aries Full Moon

A day for deep healing and transformation

Full Moons are the perfect time to release any subconscious blocks as well as working on clearing anything from our lives that do not serve us. With the influence of Aries as well as Pluto and Mars this may feel like an intense full moon that is driving us to really get clear on our soul purpose. The energy of Aries is always a powerful motivator and often Aries is associated with being head strong and driven. So this is a good time to get clear on what that purpose is and working on releasing any subconscious and conscious belief systems that has been holding you back. 

October 22nd/23rd - Scorpio Season

As we leave the sign of Libra we move into the deep emotional water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a no holds barred kind of sign that is always honest to the point of being brutal. This can mean within us deep seated truths may come to the surface to be released as well as working on any shadow aspects that need healed. 

October 31st - Halloween

A day for connecting to our past

Halloween represents a time where the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and we can more easily contact our passed loved ones. It is a time to honour our ancestors and those who have passed over. This Halloween we have the influence of Mars in Scorpio which brings deep emotional healing. 

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