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Indigo Moon Astrology Forecast For November 2021

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For November 2021 we have an Partial Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of Taurus. Eclipses are the gateways to our souls as they allow us to access higher dimension and intuitive guidance. Often Eclipses can bring up unexpected events or things from our past we haven’t yet dealt with. 

So as we move through this Months powerful Eclipse it’s important to trust your souls guidance and not rush forward. Bring an sense of peace and calm to situations. If you are feeling triggered give yourself the space to work through your emotions and gain clarity on what lessons you are needing to learn. 

We also have the influence of Venus moving into Capricorn which shines a light on our relationships and matters of love and money. Capricorn is the head-strong and grounded sign of the Zodiac. A Capricorn desires stability and with this influence of Venus it is time to focus on how we can bring more stability and groundedness to our relationships.

Overall this is set to be a powerful month filled with incredible opportunities for transformation and growth. Read on to find out more. 

November 4th - Scorpio Super New Moon

A day for reflection and meditation

Scorpio is one of the more intense signs of the Zodiac and this Super New Moon brings opportunities for transformation and growth. 

It is time to release those old limiting beliefs around self-worth and self love. You may feel a deep desire around this time to retreat inward. Taking space for your own energy and wellbeing is key to working with the energy of this Months New Moon.

This is therefore a time to meditate. Go inward and connect to your souls light. Asking for guidance on how to clear limiting beliefs and blocks from a space of love and compassion rather than fear. 

November 5th - Venus Enters Capricorn

A day for relationships and healing

Venus is in the sign of Capricorn for a longer period than usual and will be in this Sign well into the New Year. During this period big lessons may come up centred around our relationships and work. This is a time to take responsibility for your energy and your actions. To work on building your confidence and what truly makes you happy. 

Take time to evaluate the major relationships in your life and ask yourself “Am I being my most authentic self.” It is time to step into your power and not be apologetic for wanting to live your life free from constraints and control. 

November 11th - 11:11 Doorway

A day for connecting to your higher self and the angels

The numbers 11:11 have been seen more and more as a sign that humanity is ready to take its next evolutionary step forward. 11:11 connects us to our Angels and our Higher Self as it opens a doorway to the other realms. 

You may notice more signs and synchronisities happening around this time. Let your intuition guide you on what your next steps are and take time on this day to meditate and go inward. This is a good day to get out your angel or oracle cards and connect to the higher realms for support and guidance. 

November 19th - Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse In Taurus

A day for retreating and self care

Taurus is the sign of the Earth. It connects us to our Root Chakra and during this Super Charged Full Moon you may feel massive changes happening as your being called to release the things in your life that no longer serve you. 

Taurus also likes its comforts and as we move into Winter this Full Moon will be sending us all the “get cosy” vibes we have been craving for. Combine this with huge transformational energies which may sometimes feel like were being physically hit because their so strong its definitely a time for slowing down and working on a new Self Care routine for Winter.

November 21st - Sagittarius Season Begins

A day for adventure seeking

Happy Birthday to all the beautiful Sagittarians out there. As we move from the dark ocean vibes of Scorpio we move into the adventurous, fiery energy of Sagittarius. During this period we may feel braver than normal and want to seek new adventures or push ourselves outside our comfort zones. 

By doing this we are creating massive opportunities for change and transformation.

So get brave, do that class that scares you or launch that course. Be daring and bold and completely unapologetic.  

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