How To Tap Into The Quantum Field And Access Infinite Possibilities

The main principles in Quantum Mechanics is the idea that reality can exist in infinite possible states. What we believe we know about time is pretty limited. It is not linear but expands for eternity. Ancient wisdom including teachings from Ancient Egypt have always known this so why is it not a fact now? 

The thing is history has often been filled with knowledge and ancient wisdom being fear as it gives the power to the many not the few. Imagine knowing on a deep cellular level that you have the power to create whatever you want in your life. As long as our intentions come from the heart and is for the highest good then we can live up to our fullest potential. 

I myself am only just learning about the Quantum Field and how to tap into it so I’m only providing the very limited information I have learned. Once you delve deeper into this subject you realise that you are constantly on a learning mission.

What Is The Quantum Field?

“What quantum physics teaches us is that everything we thought was physical is not physical.” – Bruce Lipton

Quantum Theory is the study of matter and energy at nanoscopic levels. It was found that light particles did not behave in the way that science first thought and instead acted as if an intelligence governed them. 

When light particles were forced through a double slit it was found that they behaved as either waves or particles depending on how the observation was set up. 

It has then led to the belief that our natural Universe is not just a mechanical machine as first thought but a diverse and complex wave of systems governed by an higher intelligence. 

Quantum Physics is believed to be the bridge between science and spirituality. Many ancient wisdoms have already answered the questions that Quantum Theory is currently in the process of finding.

Importance of Quantum Theory For You

YOU play a much bigger role in your life than you may have been led to believe. Everything that exists in your life, your home, pets, your car, your appliances…everything, first existed in the Quantum Realm. And that includes you too. So everything comes from energy. 

Many now believe that the law of attraction explains Quantum Theory on a spiritual level because it is based on the concept that our thoughts create our reality. So what we envision, when combined with the emotion that it has already happened results in us attracting that vision. Whether that be positive or negative. So every second of the day we are often subconsciously creating our reality. 

Imagine what we could do if we awakened to this potential and made an conscious effort to expand our energy and raise our vibration?

How To Raise Your Vibration

To tap into the Quantum Realm requires a conscious effort to align your thoughts and energy with the highest vibration possible. How do we do this? It takes time to change our thought patterns and behaviours. We are all shaped by our upbringing, society and our relationships. 

Even in the womb it has been found that the way a mother breathes and how stressed she is has an affect on the brain development of her child. So a mother that was stressed, in a fearful state and breathed shallow because of this resulted in a child that also breathed similarly and became easily affected by their environment. 

We need to realise that on a Quantum level we are all light beings vibrating at a frequency of love.

There are a number of ways we can change our thoughts and our vibrations:

  1. Living from a grateful heart – Aligning with a feeling of gratitude has been one of the most powerful ways to instantly raise your vibration. So try and think of all the blessings in your life every day. Name at least 5 or 6 and even write them down.


  1. Conscious Eating – What we eat has a huge impact on our vibration so try reaching for the wholesome organic foods rather than the junk and chocolate. Of course this is not to shame in any shape or form its just that as a society we have lost our way a bit when it comes to what we put in our bodies. I myself am the first to admit that as I have always struggled with emotional eating and still do. It takes a conscious effort to make that choice between chocolate and a healthy piece of fruit but my mind and body always thanks me when I do make the right choice.


  1. Live With Joy – Life is for living. We are here to thrive not struggle and of course we all go through life’s difficult lessons, some more than others but when we make decisions based on what our heart is telling us and aligning with a life that truly brings joy and happiness we of course will be raising our vibration.


  1. Meditation Practice – I feel like I talk from the same hymn book when it comes to meditation but I honestly feel that without my meditation practice I struggle to keep in alignment. Meditating has helped give me the space to heal, to truly make a difference in my life and has given me the tools I need to deal with any challenges life brings. I always believe that we would benefit from a regular practice but not one size fits all so explore and see what works for you.


  1. Being Aware Of What You Consume – Just as what we eat is important so is what we allow into our minds. I love social media but sometimes we have to watch who is controlling whom. We need to have an awareness of what we are sending our energy too. Are we feeding fear with fear or fear with love. Be the powerful force of good that this world needs.


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