Soul Purpose

Your Soul purpose is your divine calling, the reason you are here. I believe our soul purpose is different to our life purpose as it comes from an higher place. It is not always logical or based on fact. It is an calling that comes to us via our intuition and heart. We may get this feeling deep down, even from an young age, that we are here for an purpose. We have no idea what that purpose is but something drives us forward, like an invisible hand. Sometimes we are guided down paths that make absolutely no sense to those around us. Maybe it is a hobby that you have never thought of before but suddenly you feel this pull towards trying it, or forging an new career path that is completely different and out the box or moving to a completely new Country.

Our Soul purpose does not have to make sense because it is who you are at the highest level and you are meant to be unique. Trusting our souls path can feel scary and lead us into the unknown. But believe me when I say that when you learn to trust that little voice within, it will lead you to greater healing, joy and expansion. Life will never be the same. 

In this blog I will share some tips on how to understand your soul purpose and ways you can follow it.

Create Deeper Self Awareness

Spend more time in self reflection so that you know and understand yourself on an deeper level. This can be done through an number of different ways. This requires you to be open and curious about the way you think and perceive the World around us. 

One way is journalling. Taking time each day to really think about who you are. Your positive as well as not so positive qualities? What makes you happy? Brings you joy? As well as what drains you? Create a safe space to go through your past lessons. What has shaped you to become the person you are today? Are you living your life for you or for others? Taking time to really question ourselves and our state of being creates better emotional intelligence as well as better decision making as we know who we are and what we want in life.

Another way is via our Astrological Chart. Astrology is based on the belief that the Planets in our Universe influence our life lessons and our personality. I personally have found my Astrology chart extremely accurate and if you would like to delve deeper into what your Astrology says about you then check out Astrology Cafe and receive your FREE Birth Chart using this link. Especially understanding your Moon, Sun and Saturn influence can help get a clearer picture on your purpose and what brings you joy.

Learn To Trust Your Intuition

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Your intuition is that inner knowing that can be felt physically in your solar plexus or heart. It can be an feeling or image that comes to your mind sometimes out the blue. I always believe the Universe provides us the signs and synchronicities to guide us, if we choose to be open to them. By taking the time to move inward more through mindfulness exercises such as visualisation, meditation, listening to frequency music or just taking time away from the chaotic world can all help you to awaken your intuition more.  

Let Your Creative Expression Run Free

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Society has narrowed creativity to just art or music but creative expression can be so much more. It can be allowing your body to move intuitively when your dancing, having an daily yoga practice, journalling, writing, decorating, gardening. The list goes on. The problem is we add too little value to creativity but this is really where we find our souls light. Our soul longs to express itself in the world. We deny ourselves this greatest gift for accessing our souls expression so I urge you to tap into your own creative voice. What do you desire doing? What makes you feel excited and alive? 

Remember there is no one size fits all when it comes to following an creative path. This is where learning to awaken your intuition will help as creative ideas come through us via our higher selves or our heart. So trust where you are being guided.

Allow Your Inner Child To Guide You

As children we are so curious about the world around us. We don’t question everything or live in an bubble of fear and self doubt. Instead we run towards adventure not away from it. That child within is still there. They are never lost just forgotten. So remember your inner child. What did you love doing when you were young? What made you feel free and happy? 

Allow yourself to be more open to new experiences without letting fear raise its ugly head. Instead move towards what scares you (within reason of course). Maybe its trying a new class, or meeting new people or going on an new experience. Anything new can feel scary but it pushes us outside our comfort zone and gets us to see the world from an higher perspective. If you feel blocked when you try and connect to your inner child then check out my previous blog on how to heal your inner child here

Follow Your Heart

Learning to follow your heart is an personal and transformational journey that requires you to sometimes to be vulnerable as you become more true to yourself and who you are. When you learn what your soul purpose is it is through your heart that you will then be guided towards it. Your heart is like your inner compass with your soul being your guiding light. You have everything you need within you to create the life that you want. 

So let go of control and notice more each day what your heart and soul is telling you. Be curious about your passions, interests and what fills you up. Bring more of this good energy into your life by making an conscious effort to release fear and self doubt. Focus instead on being in alignment with love, gratitude and compassion.

Finding your soul’s purpose can be a difficult journey, but it can also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of life. Take your time, stay open-minded, and trust your intuition, and you should be able to find your true purpose.

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