How To Discover Your Spiritual Path

At the tender age of 13 was when I was first introduced to spiritual ideas and beliefs. I learned about magic and how to live from the heart through Wicca. This led me to teaching myself mindfulness and meditation and although from my later teens and early 20s I became focused on other things,  a spark within me was lit and I grew curious about other spiritual paths and beliefs. It wasn’t until my mid 20s when I started struggling with my mental health that I really delved deeper into my Spiritual path. I wanted to find a solution to my problems. I eventually realised the truth. I was the solution. 

Discovering Your Spiritual Path

It’s usually when we start to go through a big life change or trauma that we question our existence and look for more ways to nourish the soul. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You shouldn’t need to wait for a crisis. Show up for yourself each and everyday. Spirituality isn’t some hippy, out-there path for misfits. It can be for anyone, from any background. And it shouldn’t always have to come out a nice neat box that you can open and lo and behold all the answers are there for you to see. 
Working on yourself takes time, perseverance and most of all self-love. Spirituality is about uncovering and healing the deepest parts of yourself. Sometimes the painful parts. It’s about finding new ways to understand yourself and how you can live a meaningful life form the soul. 

So what path do you follow? 

I have followed so many paths. I think in one year I went from Wicca to Buddhism to Shamanism then back to Wicca again. I’ve learned how to sit silently with Tao Monks and chant with Tibetan Monks. I’ve learned how to live by the cycles of the Moon and work with Ritual and Magic for healing. I learned how to read Tarot and understand mystical meanings of symbols and numerology. I also went on an Angel Teacher course which taught me how to open up my intuition and connect to my higher self. Honestly I could write a book about all the different paths I’ve followed and each time I’ve uncovered something new about myself. 
And that is just it. Your path is unique to you. For me I can’t ever stick to one religion. I see life as a complex beautiful thing that trying to fit into one way of living has never resonated with me. Maybe it does for you. But from what I’ve understood by reading about different religions, we can’t all fit in one box. Can you imagine how boring the world would be if everyone believed one thing? And not only that try to force everyone else to believe it too, even if they have a completely different personality and nature? We see that in the world today with religious wars and people being treated differently due to their sexuality and beliefs. That  has never made sense to me. 
Maybe your spiritual path shouldn’t have to be narrowed down to one path, but like a rainbow – have different aspects, colours, themes and ideas that all resonate with your soul and light you up. That help you to grow and expand as an person and in doing so you help others to do the same. Spirituality shouldn’t be about division but about bringing us together under one beautiful family. 
Follow what lights you up and let go of what doesn’t. Feel inspired and excited and let go of anything that makes you feel drained and lost.  Allow your soul to shine through, with whatever path you follow. 
Soul Coaching

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Joanna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Master Reiki Teacher and Healer and Angel Teacher. She teaches online workshops, classes and courses as well as readings for lightworkers and starseeds. If you would like to learn more please follow on Social Media below.

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Spiritual Living FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers
Spirituality is about uncovering and healing the deepest parts of yourself. Sometimes the painful parts. It’s about finding new ways to understand yourself and how you can live a meaningful life from the soul. 

In the long run by living and trusting your own soul and intuition you are happier as you are more confident in your decision making process and more self assured in who you are

Notice what resonates for you. There are many Spiritual Paths but you don’t have to box yourself in to just one path. Notice what makes you feel curious, passionate, excited and at peace. Practice something small each day towards spiritual living such as meditation. 

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