Angels are divine beings that connect us to the light of Source. Everyone has an Guardian Angel, guiding and supporting you during this lifetime as well as other Angels and Archangels that provide loving support and healing. 

Angels however, cannot come into our lives unless invited as they are required to honour our free will so in this blog I will be sharing with you some simple steps to connect to the angelic realms. 

Angels first came into my life (or more my awareness) when I was moving through a difficult period in my life. I had felt lost and stuck and there was a moment I felt like I had hit rock bottom. But an overwhelming sense of being protected and loved washed over me in that moment, and I felt the very strong presence of a being in my room. In my minds eye I could see this being as a beautiful figure in white, she had a glow about her, and the most striking blue eyes I had ever seen. The love that came from this being was overwhelming and I could feel tears in my eyes as unconditional love poured into my heart. 

You do not have to be religious or any way psychic to work with angels. Just knowing the simple steps to call on them and learn your own individual way of connecting is more than enough. If you already know and work with angels then this blog is really about deepening that connection and building on a daily practice.

1. Be In Tune With Your Heart


It is through our heart chakras Angels connect to us this is the gateway to our souls. You connect to your heart charka by simply sitting in silence a few minutes a ay and placing your hands and your intention on your heart. Feel the rhythm of your heart and visualise light moving into this space as you breathe deeply in. As you do this notice your heart expanding and imagine the bigger your heart energy becomes the more angels surround you. Do this simple exercise as often as you can as you notice subtle shifts in the energy around and within your heart.

2. Call In Your Angels

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Simply being open to receive any guidance or support from your Angels is enough but so often we miss this step thinking we need to do some complicated affirmation or meditation.  The truth is we need to be open to receive the signs and answers from our angels as well and usually we don’t call on help unless we’re desperate or feeling lost. So next time your feeling stuck just simply do the heart chakra exercise above and then from a place of love ask your angels to surround you with their protective energy and light. 

3. Surrender

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Trusting and being open to the guidance from your angels can often mean surrendering control and living more in the present moment. But by learning to connect with the angelic realms we also learn how to connect and trust our own intuition. Angels connect to us through subtle signs as well as coming through in our thoughts and dreams. We need to learn how to live more from our hearts and just allow the right path to unfold. Of course that does not mean giving up control completely and not taking action but asking the angels for guidance and then simply being open to the answer in whatever form it comes. 

4. Practice Meditation

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Learning how to let go of our thinking/anxious minds and instead tapping into the power of our subconscious mind can bring profound life changes such as deeper connection to self, increasing intuitive awareness and feeling more in flow with positive energy. It is through our subconscious mind that we also receive the subtle signs and guidance from the Universe and Angels. 

Below is an Angel Communication Meditation I created which you listen too just now to help you relax and tap into the power of your subconscious mind:

Listen Here

5. Practice Gratitude


The energy behind gratitude is such an powerful driving force for bringing in more positive energy into your life. It can be hard sometimes though to remember to do this , especially if life is feeling difficult. But finding even simple things to be thankful for can create so much change in your life and your mindset as well. I like to thank the angels at the end of each and everyday for all the blessings in my life or if I’m asking for guidance I already start with the affirmation “Thankyou Angels for providing me with the right guidance and support.” So each morning and night think of simple things you can be thankful for and then thank the angels as well for surrounding you with their love and light. The more you do this the more you actually will feel their presence. 

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Angel Course

This month I created a Free Online Angel Course to help others connect to their angels and start building their own angel meditation practice right from the comfort of home. This Course works with the main Archangels and is a great introduction to the Angelic Realms and how to start opening up your own heart and intuition to their loving presence. 

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