Spiritual Business

How To Become An Spiritual Entrepreneur

Spiritual Business

Being an spiritual entrepreneur is an wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling role that allows me to be creative and work from the heart. An spiritual entrepreneur is an lightworker, someone who feels an calling to be of service and help provide guidance and support to others on their own spiritual path. 

We are all light beings and many of us feel an deep calling within our souls to carve an different path in the world, one that doesn’t conform to the whole 9 to 5 idea. 

I’ve been on this path for over 10 years now and I thought I would share some tips and guidance for anyone who is looking to become an Spiritual Entrepreneur and start working fully from an space of love and light.  

Spiritual Business

So you have been reading all the books you can find on spiritual growth and development. You feel inspired and ready to embark on finding and exploring your own gifts. The first step is knowing and understanding what your gifts are. 

You could be an naturally good listener who helps others just by being there which could mean you would love to become an coach. Or maybe you are an natural healer who can soothe an child or animal just through your touch, meaning you could be an gifted energy healer. Below are some natural gifts that people have but may overlook because it doesn’t always fit the conventional job in Society. 

  • Reiki or Energy Healer – Animals or people/can be an gentle soul/empathic/intuitive

  • Spiritual Coach – good listener/also an natural healer/soothing aura and voice/loves people/helper/good at providing advice

  • Oracle Reader – naturally intuitive/can see things in their mind eye/interested in Tarot or Oracle Cards/drawn to symbolism

  • Author – Loves spiritual books/enjoys writing blogs/sharing stories

  • Astrologer – fascinated by numbers, symbolism/feels an strong connection to the Stars/loves Moon energy/enjoys understanding astrological charts

  • Angel Healer – gentle energy/empathic/intuitive/wants to help others/feels an strong connection to the angelic realm

  • Crystal Healer – Deep connection to the Earth/natural healer/loves crystals and plants/intuitive and loves being out in nature

  • Priestess Teacher – feels an strong connection to the divine feminine/intuitive and enjoys learning about the Goddess/Maybe drawn to Moon Cycles and pagan rituals

Next Steps - Study and Learn

Once you know what has sparked your passion and interest it’s time to now focus on learning. This is so much easier now than ever before due to so many ways to learn such as online, books, podcasts and blogs. I have done so many amazing online courses through the likes of Om Courses, Udemy as well as Youtube. I have found some amazing teachers and it’s important as you become more open and intuitive to trust your gut when it comes to what resonates and what doesn’t. If something sparks  joy, expansion and ease it’s for you but if it gives you an sinking feeling or places you in an state of fear then it definitely isn’t. Like Marie Kondo states, find what sparks joy in you. 

Setting Up Your Business

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Once you feel confident in your learning and have worked on your gifts and talents it’s now time to put yourself out there. This is the scary part but it doesn’t have to be. I took small steps to setting up my business. When I first started I offered Reiki Healing and Angel Readings to friends. Then word got round and I started to get invited to small events and began to grow an trusted client list. 

Social Media is another good place to start but as an Spiritual Entrepreneur it definitely has it’s pit falls as it can be really draining on your energy if you don’t regularly cleanse and clear. I set up an Facebook Page to start with and then Instagram. Facebook I now more use due to being able to set up communities and groups. Having an community is an good way to reach people as you are able to connect to them on an deeper level and show them true authenticity and what your all about. 

You may want to set up an website which is key for me as it allows me to write my regular blogs and provides an way for me to show what I offer. At first I had someone create an website for me but once I learned (via Youtube) I created this one on my own via wordpress. I am in no way technical but it really is amazing how much free content you get on Youtube and I still use it to understand some of the more technical stuff. 

Stay In Your Authentic Lane

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Doing this work for an number of years I have certainly fallen into many pitfalls such as comparison traps, spending too much money on courses I really didn’t need and feeling constantly drained by trying to be on Social Media way too much. As an spiritual business owner you need to remember the way we do things looks very different to your regular business. 

Being an intuitive and empath we can’t always follow the latest business model to get 10k paying clients or the best funnel because that may feel icky and inauthentic for you and your business. Yet you may see other spiritual owners with way more followers than you and making an huge success. 

I’ll be honest. I would often beat myself up for not working hard enough or being focussed enough but then I realised that spiritual work is much more than just an business. It’s an way for you to do deep inner healing work and help other people do the same. It’s an way for you to shine your light that little bit brighter so even if just one person sees you are making an difference. The one thing I’ve learned there is no perfect or right way to do things. 

You have to follow your heart and trust that where you are right now is exactly where you need to be. 

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Soul Coaching

Thankyou For Reading

Joanna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Master Reiki Teacher and Healer and Angel Teacher. She teaches online workshops, classes and courses as well as readings for lightworkers and starseeds. If you would like to learn more please follow on Social Media below.

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