Activate Your Soul Gifts

Your soul gift is the very essence of who you are. The fundamental truth of the soul is that we were never broken. Humanity has stepped away from this truth. We are bombarded so often as consumers and told that we need to be thinner, fitter, more beautiful, confident, less confident, feminine, stronger, tougher, have more money and just generally be more. But your soul needs none of these things. It only seeks for truth, higher learning and love. That is what your soul is…love. 

Love is the highest vibration there is and keeps the very fabric of our Universe together. It is what gives birth to our children, it is what our mother earth functions on, it is the one lost truth of our race. Long ago in Ancient times the Great Mother was revered as the Goddess and gatekeeper of our souls. It is through Her that we are able to connect and learn about our soul gifts. 

I’ve spent many years on learning what my soul gift is. I used to think it was something grand like saving the world or being an great healer. But then I realised that is what my ego wants. It wants to be wanted. But my soul already knows what it needs. My soul only seeks to find love, to learn about love and how to help others through the power of love and compassion. 

So although this blog is how to activate your soul gifts, the truth is your soul was already activated. From the time you were born onto this planet you innately knew your reason for being. It maybe that overtime this remembrance was lost due to the power this 3D world has over us but it is always there. Your soul becomes awakened when you have the courage to step onto your highest path from a place of love. 

Activate Your Intuition

We all know what it means to follow our gut but how often do we truly listen to ourselves? It can take time and practice to learn how to tune into the whispers of your soul. The first step is to understand when it is your intuition that speaks and when it is the voice of your ego. 

Your intuition is an gentle loving voice that seeks to gently guide and direct you towards your souls path. It can often guide us to do things that are out with our comfort zones. A simple way to tune into your soul is to breathe deeply into your heart space. Imagine that within your heart resides an beautiful white light and imagine this white light growing bigger and brighter with every inbreath. 

As you visualise this white light see it expand outwards so it surrounds your whole energy and body. Now take another deep breathe in and ask to connect to your highest self. Notice what images, thoughts and feelings come through as you do this. As your highest self what is the next steps you need to take to activate your gifts. 

Learn What Your Gifts Are

Your gifts can vary and evolve as you evolve. When I first started on my path I was an natural clairvoyant. I could see and feel things from the spiritual realm. I learned how to tap into this gift and trust the information I received from my Angels and Guides. I was then able to help others by tapping into their Angels and giving them readings. Your gifts depend on what your natural abilities are. Maybe your a good listener or a natural healer. 

A good clue is to notice as a child what you loved doing. Were you a creative child? Or were you curious about the world around you? As children we are naturally in tune with our gifts. 

My son who is only 6 is an sensitive empath. He can pick up emotions of others but enjoys creating worlds in his game so it gives his energy an rest from an chaotic world. What do you feel naturally drawn too? 

Your soul gift is something that you can tune inward and feel. It is that spark of inspiration that comes from connecting to our hearts. What do you want to create in this world? Imagine that your life right now was a blank canvas. What would you draw into your life? How would it look? How would it feel? What are you doing? Take moments to connect to your intuition and ask daily, “How can I live from my soul today?”

Remember your gifts do not have to be grand. Maybe being a mother is your gift, or even just being here at this time is your gift because you have such an calming energy you can help others just by being there. Know that if your reading this you are an special soul. You always have been.


From my heart to yours xxx

Soul Coaching

Thankyou For Reading

Joanna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Master Reiki Teacher and Healer and Angel Teacher. She teaches online workshops, classes and courses as well as readings for lightworkers and starseeds. If you would like to learn more please follow on Social Media below.

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