A lightworker is a term given to an spiritual being who has incarnated at this time to help bring more light to the Planet. A lightworker doesn’t necessarily mean someone who does spiritual work ie energy healer, medium, spiritual teacher. It can be anyone. Teachers, nurses, doctors, cleaners. Your job or the work you do does not define you. Anyone can be a Lightworker. 

So a lightworker is someone who is awakened to their light within. They feel, sense and listen to their souls. They have a huge capacity for love and compassion as they feel deeply the suffering of all on this Planet.

A lightworker can often experience difficulties in finding their place in the World. The world to them may feel harsh, cruel and dense. But they need to know they are here to CHANGE the world, not just live in it. They are here to follow their souls path and souls gifts in order to make an wave of positive change and transformation within not only their own lives but the lives of others. 

In this blog you will be learning how to tap into your lightworker gifts and abilities so that you understand your strengths and how to share them with the world. 

Learn To Awaken Your Higher Heart Consciousness


Living from the heart is key for a lightworker to tap into their natural gifts and abilities. Due to the dense energy of the world we live in alot of lightworkers have shut down this ability to activate their higher hearts. 

Your higher heart is your spiritual awakened heart. It is located just above your heart chakra and links in with the divine pink ray of loving compassion. This is your spiritual centre. It is through your higher heart you can awaken and embody your highest self and souls light. To do this all you need to do is bring awareness to your heart chakra and call forth the divine pink ray of light to move through and activate your higher heart. Imagine loving energy moving into this space, creating an sense of expansion and healing. 

The more you tap into your higher heart, the more you may feel blocks and fears around being seen and being loved start to come up to be transmuted. Allow these fears to bubble up to the surface for clearing without judgement or control. As an lightworker we all hold an level of fear around our hearts as an way to protect us from the harshness of the World. But what we have forgotten is that the more light we work with and integrate into our bodies the more protected we naturally become. 

Activate Your Intuition


Your intuition is that aspect of yourself filled with infinite divine wisdom and knowledge. As  an lightworker you have likely had many incarnations on this Planet. Growing up you may have been called an old soul. This is because you hold deep wisdom within you and this pool of knowledge can be accessed whenever you need it. You never need to feel lost or uncertain. All you need is within you now dear lightworker. 

Your intuition is your gift of insight. You may be intuitive in a number of ways not just the obvious way which is seeing spirits, guides or receiving message from Spirit. We all are intuitive just on different wavelengths and levels. Some of us feel our intuition as an gut instinct within our solar plexus. Or we may sense or feel an expansion or contraction within our hearts or see flashing images in our minds eye or just a sense of knowing. Your intuitive channel is unique to you so trust your natural abilities. 

You can test your intuition by simply asking yourself a yes or no question and noticing within your body where you feel the answer. Another way is to work with Oracle cards which help provide you the tools and knowledge to work with your own intuition. You can also meditate daily and find more space for quiet in your lives as an busy and stressed mind can hinder how you access your intuition. Learn to find more ways to bring peace and calm into your life to allow your natural abilities to flow.

Be More Creative


As a lightworker the whole 9 to 5 and strict way society flows and works can stifle your natural creative gifts and abilities. An lightworker is a beautifully curious soul that desires fun, joy and adventure. If you find yourself feeling stuck or that life feels grey and stagnant focus on working more with your creative side. 

Do something fun or spontaneous like learning an new hobby or anything that brings you out of your mind and back into an state of flow. When we are creative we are naturally activating our spiritual lightworker gifts because we are raising our vibration and creating more flow in our lives. This is why sometimes the whole strict regime of trying to push ourselves to achieving and becoming successful can make us feel like failures or that we are doing something wrong.

We cannot push ourselves in that way. Instead we need to take an step back from the energy of force and move into the energy of love and flow. 

Focus On Service

The biggest question an lightworker can ask themselves is “How can I be of Service?” When you place this question to the Universe you allow yourself to be open to new opportunities that are in alignment with you. As a lightworker you are an natural empath and healer. You know how to be of service but sometimes you may get stuck in your own head and doubt your own natural abilities. When you ask this simple question and allow the answer to move through your heart you will start creating an life focused on sharing your unique gifts.

Helping others lights you up. But make sure you fill up your own cup too. Do things that bring you joy, love and excitement. The more you light yourself up from within the greater the change you can make for others. You are the wayshower. So follow your own light first and then bring this light to the people closest to you till eventually you create an wave of positive change. 

Being an lightworker is all about trusting your inner guidance. See your heart as your compass and your soul as your shining star. The more you trust in the wisdom from your heart the closer you are to embodying your full soul gifts. 

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