How Being An Empath Can Be A Superpower

Empaths have a number of different traits that can make them super sensitive to the world around them. For many empathy isn’t or doesn’t always feel like a gift. It can feel like a huge burden sometimes, especially if you find it difficult to have clear boundaries. If you’re an empath it can mean you can pick up on the emotions of others, so being around a lot of people or being in busy spaces can be especially overwhelming. Some empaths can even pick up on the physical ailments of others and illnesses of close family members of friends can sometimes manifest within their own bodies, but when you go to a doctor very often nothing can be found. Other empaths can even pick up on the global collective consciousness of this planet so even on days you’re not around people you may still wake up one day with a sense of sadness or loss often coinciding with a difficult world event that has major consequences.

I remember as an empathic child I would find myself sad on a daily basis. I found it difficult to know how to deal with all these overwhelming emotions that would often bombard me on a daily basis. Whenever I would be taken to the zoo I would immediately feel sick and want to run away. Sensing and feeling the pain, distress and discomfort of animals had an especially difficult effect and it literally made me want to hide away from the world. But as I got older I started to work on my own spiritual and personal development in a big way. I learnt how to protect my energy field and call in my guides for help and protection when I needed it. Being an empath has helped me go deeper with my clients than I would have been able to do normally. In this blog I want to teach you to embrace your empathic and intuitive gifts. Open your heart with love to the world around you.

  1. Start Trusting Your Intuition

Learn to start trusting those intuitive hits that you may get about a situation or person. Fine tune your senses so you start building a deeper connection within your own body. Our gut instinct is our biggest indicator of whether we are on the right track or not. To tune into this gift you just need to learn to quieten the mind and ask the question “is this right for me?” Then immediately trust the first response which could be a feeling of expansion or contraction, a lightening or excited feeling in your heart centre or a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. Your body has an innate intelligence of its own that is there to help you.

  1. Know Your Empathic Purpose

You are an empath for a reason. It may not feel like that right now but see your gift from a perspective of excitement and curiosity. You maybe here to help others, you could be a healer, counsellor or even an animal healer. Why is it you feel drained around certain people or situations? What makes you happy and lifts your energy up? Question yourself on a daily basis to see what feels right for your energy and what you maybe here to help heal.

  1. Build Meaningful Connections

As an empath you have the ability to sense and feel another person’s soul. You may even feel another animals as well. You may also be a natural healer and want to help people so being an empath can often feel like you’re giving your energy away. But as an empath you also have the ability to open your heart to the vibration of love in a way that is extremely powerful, especially for anyone who is around you or knows you. You can help heal someone just by having a conversation with them and if that isn’t a superpower I don’t know what is.

  1. Learn How To Transmute Negative Energy

The term “negative” energy is used loosely here because energy is neither positive nor negative. It just is. But sometimes our emotions can have a profound effect on our own energy fields, as we can inadvertently take it on as our own as way to try and heal that other person. For example, a friend has gone through a difficult break up and you’re a shoulder for her to cry on. But everything you say to her, although good advice, is batted away with a deeply negative mindset and belief. You come away from the conversation drained and exhausted. By trying desperately to reach out to your friend and try change her way of thinking, which is something she can only do, you have also tried to take on her pain as your own. Whenever you feel like this immediately envision a golden protective light flowing down from the heavens around you. Another technique is to take an Epsom salt bath or a hold an obsidian crystal in your hand as you meditate. Find what works for you and is easy to do on a daily basis.

Most importantly trust yourself when you’re feeling drained. Find a self-care routine that supports you and your energy.  Make sure you give yourself the much needed break. Now that I see empathy as a superpower I know like every other super hero you read and watch you need time away from the world to re-evaluate your purpose and to re-charge your batteries. Even Wonder Woman needed a break sometimes.

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