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Over the centuries women have been shamed for literally everything. From their natural menstruation cycles to their power to have children and bring life into the world. We have been feared, time and time again. Told to stay small, belittled for our bodies, our sexuality and just being us. But I have felt for such a long time that this is ending.


It is not that the masculine should be shamed or hidden just as the feminine has been but we need to find a loving, compassionate balance between the two. This is why for women, aligning with the energies of the moon can be such a powerful way to do this. By honouring your own cycles, your body and your wisdom we can start to find balance in our lives again. To truly understand our deepest nature.

The Moon goes through a 28 day cycle, the same way as a women does. On an energetic and spiritual level, it takes a women longer to process her emotions, her needs and desires. The issue at hand is that within our current western society we only go by the Masculine cycle. A mans entire hormone cycle only lasts 24 hrs. This is the time frame that we are on and it can cause havoc to our bodies and minds. In the spiritual field, manifestation is the talk of the town. 

To manifest your desires as quick as possibly. Like clicking that button on the Amazon checkout. But what if manifestation works on the woman’s cycle not the mans? What if first you need to work through your desires, get really clear on your needs? If manifestation works on the same cycle as the moon then it means that we need to work through each phase to really, truly align with our hearts desire.

The Phases:
New Moon – Clarity, New Beginnings, Creating Foundations

The first phase is aligned with the New Moon and this is the phase of clarity and expanding our consciousness. Within this phase we need to work on manifesting from our heart not our minds. We all have desires, but some of those desires aren’t always for our highest good. 

For example, imagine winning a million pounds on the lottery? Sounds great right? But what if we have blocks around money or our self worth. So as soon as that million hits our bank account we feel guilty, worthless and fearful. SO many lottery winners have ended up bankrupt. 

So its important to lay the foundations first for what you want to manifest. Delve deep into the whys? What would it mean for you? Your family? Who will it benefit? Really get clear.

Waxing Crescent – Taking Action

After we really get clear on our needs we need to then take action. The art of manifestation is bringing what was in the ethereal spiritual realms down into the earth plane. Where an idea becomes much more than that. The first step is to really get clear on what those next steps are. Then break those steps down into smaller ones till eventually you have a simply step by step action plan.

First Quarter through to Full Moon – Working Through Your Blocks

This is the most important part and the one that takes awhile. So often we have to work through our fears and blocks but it takes courage and patience to do this. So when your writing out your action plan notice any blocks that come up. Where are they in your body? Give them a name, a word or an image. Get clear on your blocks and then you can work on reaffirming a new mindset. 

Create a new belief system or pattern. For example, maybe you are afraid to start a new business? The first step is work on why? What is truly stopping you? Write it down and then work on building a different mindset. Meditation, listen to positive affirmations. Take action on your goals and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Full Moon - Recharge

The Full Moon is always when the energy of this cycle is at its most powerful. This is the time to release and clear your energy. Meditate, go inward. Have an relaxing bath. This is a period of synchronicities, where the Universe starts granting your wishes. During the full moon its important to rest and recharge.

Waning Gibbous – Wisdom, Truth and Alignment

During this phase you work on connecting to your soul. To stay in alignment with your highest truth. This is a powerful phase to really delve deeper inward. You may feel like you want to retreat from the world during this phase. Your energy is also more sensitive so its important to create clear boundaries and not to do too much.

Last Quarter – Rest, Self Care, Love

This is the phase to really recharge and work on your self care. Again this may bring up blocks as we can often leave our own needs at the door and tend to everyone else’s first. During this phase its important to trust what your body needs. Tune into your body more. Work on intuitively living and eating. Trust your own inner wisdom.

Balsamic – Preparation, Healing, Karma

The Balsamic is the final moon phase before the New Moon and Balsamic means “Balsam – to Sooth.” It is one of the most healing parts of the moon cycle and its important to work on preparing for the New Moon by healing any blocks or past karmas. Notice within this cycle if you got so far in your ideas but then stalled. What happened? What blocks came up? Often our bigger blocks come from long held belief systems. This is the time to clear them.

By aligning with the moon cycle for manifesting we start to tune in on a deeper level to our own wisdom. We are powerful light beings and you have more wisdom than you realise.  I recently launched a Moon Manifestation Course which takes you on a transformational journey through the Moon Cycles. Click here to find out more. 

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Joanna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Master Reiki Teacher and Healer and Angel Teacher. She teaches online workshops, classes and courses as well as readings for lightworkers and starseeds. If you would like to learn more please follow on Social Media below.

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