moon cycle

Moon Rituals: How To Honour Your Moon Cycle

moon cycle

Your Moon Cycle or Menstruation cycle provides a sacred gateway to accessing the wisdom of your body and soul. The correlation between a women’s cycle and the cycle of the Moon is fascinating to me.

I was first led to delving deep into understand this topic when I learned to tune into the cycle of the Moon for personal manifestation and spiritual growth. It led me to create my first Online Course called Moon Manifestation. This course teaches you how to tap into your manifestation powers by aligning with the 8 cycles of the Moon. 

It was from this deeper understanding of Moon energy that I realised how disconnected we as women are from our bodies and our own cycles. We are led to believe our menstruation cycle is something to be ashamed off, or that needs hidden.

But the truth is in Ancient cultures women were seen as being at their most powerful when they were menstruating. They would sync their cycles with that of the New Moon, an time of rebirth, healing and manifestation. moon cycle

“In order to reclaim our full selves, to integrate each of these aspects through which we pass over the course of our lives, we must first learn to embrace them through our cycles.”

– Lucy H Pearce, Moon Time

In this blog I will be sharing with you how each phase of an women’s cycle works in sync with the Moon. 

Menstrual Cycle and The Moon Phases

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Even if you no longer have periods or do not have your usual bleed cycle you can still benefit by understanding how the cycles of your hormones and body impact your daily life. A women works through an hormone cycle on an 28 day length which coincides with the cycle of the Moon. Men also move through their own hormone cycle based around testosterone levels which can fluctuate on an daily basis – read more on men vs women cycles here.

But women take longer to work through their hormones and therefore their emotions. This is why living in an Patriarchal based society is of no benefit to women at all. It takes us away from our bodies and our own cycles as we try to schedule our time and our lives based on an 24 hr period. 

So how does each moon phase affect and correspond with an women’s cycle?

Like our own bodies the energy of the moon ebbs and flows depending on what stage it is at. On a New Moon the energy is lower, it is an time to go inward, reflect and rest. This is often an time when a women bleeds but even if not many of us still feel the effects of the New Moon as we are guided to slow down and recharge.

This is the opposite energy of the Full Moon when the Moon energy is at its most powerful and is an time to let go and release. The Full Moon corresponds to the time of ovulation when women are feeling brave, passionate and creative, ready to give birth to new ideas and take action on their dreams.

Below is an simple guide to the cycles of the Moon and how they can work with an women’s own cycle. 

New Moon - Menstrual Phase

If a woman bleeds around the New Moon she is known to be on an White Cycle. This means your intuition is at its strongest during the New Moon as you move into an time of deeper reflection and inner healing. An New Moon is an time of new growth and you may feel you have less energy and desire more space for healing and meditation. 

Waxing Moon - Follicular Phase

The Waxing Moon is an time to take action on our goals and you may you have more energy during this phase. This is also a good time to work on your health goals as you are more likely to stick to it during this phase. The Follicular phase phase starts on the first day of menstruation and ends when ovulation begins. The hormone, estrogen increases and this phase usually lasts about two weeks. 

Full Moon - Ovulation

The Full Moon is at its brightest and most luminous. It’s energy is at its most intense and this is the ideal time to release and let go of anything you feel is no longer serving you. Many women also bleed on an Full Moon, known as an Red Moon Cycle. In ancient times women who bled on an Full Moon were seen as healers, Shamans and Priestesses. If you align with this cycle it can mean you are deeply creative and passionate. 

Waning Moon - Luteal Phase

The Waning Moon is an time for gratitude and taking action on our goals. We may feel more creative during this phase or feel reflective as were being guided to evaluate our goals and what we want to achieve. The Luteal phase occurs after ovulation and lasts approx 14 days and it is during this phase the hormone, progesterone increases, making us feel more energetic. 

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