Healing Your Inner Child: Overcome Your Blocks and Find Peace

inner child healing

Doing inner child healing can be transformational and is often an integral part of healing the past in order to break free from deep seated blocks and belief systems. This is probably the most important inner work you can for yourself. As adults we often let go of who we truly are as an soul because of what we may have went through as an child. You don't have to have had to go through traumatic experiences to benefit from this type of work. 

Inner Child Healing is about connecting to and understanding that aspect of yourself that may have not received the support, nurturance and guidance you wished. Often this is because our own family was going through their own difficult inner work, resulting in them inadvertently placing their own issues, doubts and fears onto you. As an mother I know how easy that is to do. My son picks up on so much of my own fears that it’s quite scary how empathic and sensitive children are. 

How To Start Your Healing Journey

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Understanding Your Inner Child Wounds

What triggers you and takes you back to childhood memories of feeling lost, unloved or afraid? It can often be the smallest thing such as our partner not listening to us when we speak making us think that what we want to say is not good enough to be heard. This could stem back to feeling ignored as an child or being told to stay quiet or not speak our opinions. 

So get clear on your most recent triggers. When did it happen? What was the situation surrounding it? How was your mindset at the time? What emotions came up? What memories came up? Can you remember the farthest back memory of when you first felt like this? 

Listen To What Your Inner Child Says

Have the intention of asking your inner child what healing you need right now in order to move past an block. Tune inward and allow space for inner child to speak. Giving yourself this time is key to helping you understand what deeper healing is needed. 

Write An Letter To Your Inner Child

After your meditation write an letter to your child self. Write this to an time when you were going through an tough time. It could be an traumatic experience. Say all the the things to your inner child that you wish someone had said at that time. See this as an love letter to your inner child. Write from the heart with compassion and trust what emotions may come up during this process. 

Call In the Angels

If you want to work with your angels on this then an good one to call on is Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love and compassion. Chamuel can help provide healing comfort to your inner child self. Simply have the intention of calling on this angel when you are doing this work. 

Journalling Idea

inner child healing

Write down what you were like as an child. What games did you love to play? How artistic and creative were you? Were you an daydreamer? Did you enjoy playing with your toys in make believe worlds? What would your inner child like to do right now if she could? 

Take time on this activity and really think and connect to your inner child. Think about some happy memories as an child and what made you smile or sparked your imagination. Who did you admire and look up too?

Heal Ancestral Karma

inner child healing

This is an topic that has fascinated me for some time. Has someone who grew up in an strict wee free environment as well as past family trauma I was curious how these beliefs may affect the decisions I make today. Ancient and contemporary shamanic and indigenous cultures as well as many other modern cultures naturally incorporate their ancestors in their spiritual practices and beliefs.

When we look at our families past from an different persepective we may see an similar theme or lesson that came up generation after generation. For example, my mums mum would find it difficult to express her own needs, often seen as the workhorse of the family and the one that had to stay emotionally strong. My mother had to go into boarding school at an young age and also had to learn to be emotionally strong and also became the main bread winner. The same issue came up with me until recently and then I realised I almost seeked out ways to be the matriarch of the family. The one who had to be strong and be strong for everyone else. 

We cannot forgot our ancestors or who we came from. But we also don’t need to live our lives based on what used to be done. We can connect to our own individuality and know that we are beautiful, perfect, messy and wonderful just as we are. 


Look into your ancestral and family past. Understand your current belief systems. See where they came from? Look at your father, mother, grandparents etc and how they saw the world. Understand what they may have placed on your shoulders that is no longer yours to carry?

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