“The voice I finally heard that day was my own–the girl I’d locked away at ten years old, the girl I was before the world told me who to be–and she said: Here I am. I’m taking over now.” ― Glennon Doyle (Untamed)

Inner Child

Your inner child is the aspect of yourself that still yearns for protection, love and comfort. We all carry that inner child within us, no matter our age. Our inner child can be the aspect of us who still feels deeply hurt or triggered when our certain needs are not met. When we are young we pick up on so much from the World around us, our brains acting like sponges, soaking up every word, action and energy from those closest to us. 

I teach manifestation and how to connect to the Soul and often the biggest blocks that come up stem from the inner child who felt lost and alone in an very vast and scary world. The adults around us often felt as scared and lost, striving to understand where we all fit in this crazy, chaotic world.

In this blog I will be sharing with you the benefits of understand our inner child needs and how to meet them. When we learn to nurture and listen to that inner most part of ourselves we learn to integrate all aspects of our being, the good and the bad as one, so that we become more whole. 

What Is Inner Child Healing?

Inner Child Healing is an way of creating an safe space for us to reconnect to our inner child and work on healing any wounds or attachments to when our needs were not met as a child. 

It can be deeply transformational work and if you wish to really delve deeper into this type of healing I highly recommend you speak to an professional psychologist or counsellor. Sometimes inner child work can bring up past trauma that requires a safe space and guidance from a qualified professional. 

I am not a professional but I am someone who has done deep inner healing work by myself and with the guidance of  an trauma counsellor. The latter is an much safer option and this blog only serves as light guidance to help you on your journey. But if at any point during an meditation or journalling session you feel this work is too deep then please trust your intuition. Practice self compassion is key to doing any healing work. 

How To Connect To Your Inner Child

When we become adults we hold alot of the fears, trauma and wounds within our hearts. These wounds can show up as self sabotage, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, anger issues, issues around self worth, fear of being seen and success as well as an multitude of other issues. These blocks and limiting beliefs show up through our self talk and how we react to situations. 

For example, you text your husband but all you got back was a one word answer. Maybe your knee jerk response is immediately thinking you’ve done something wrong and he’s mad at you. Your mind then catastrophises, thinking of all the worst case scenarios so that by the end of the day your imagining he wants to divorce you but none of this is based on fact. 

These knee jerk responses are often showing us what our inner child is needing. In a situation like this one maybe our inner child was afraid of anger or abandonment. So when your next feeling triggered take a moment (if you can) to step back from the highly charged emotion and instead ask your inner child what it is needing in that moment to feel safe? Be open and honest with yourself. Journalling can be an powerful way to move through triggering situations as it allows you to question and intuitively open up to the answers that are within. 

Here are some other simple ways you can connect to your inner child. 

Practice Mindfullness

Meditation and mindfullness can really help us to connect too and understand our emotions on an deeper level. Through meditation we can visualise ourselves connecting to our inner child. An powerful visualisation I learn is to imagine an time when you felt a need was not met as a child. It could be from a young age or when you feel afraid and lost. Imagine yourself going into that situation and sending loving energy and healing light to your inner child from that time. 

Another power visualisation is to call on your inner child to talk to you. See your inner child infront of you and imagine smiling at them. Send your inner child love and ask them what it is they need right now to feel heard and understood. 

I love this Hypnosis meditation from Michael Sealey on connecting to your inner child which you can listen to here

Allow More Time For Creativity

Children are naturally creative. They want to explore and question the world around them. Making every moment count. By giving ourselves the space and permission to dream, explore and be creative we are nurturing that aspect of ourselves. So take time to find what brings you joy – it could be being out in nature, walking along the beach, cooking, painting, creating art, drawing, yoga, running. Anything that takes you outside of your mind and back into your spirit so that when you do more of what lights you up you start healing that aspect of yourself that desperately wanted to continue creating. 



Learning to write down our thoughts, emotions and ideas can be an powerful way to clear blocks and gain an deeper understanding of our triggers and fears. You can connect to your inner child through journalling by simply writing “what does my inner child need today?” or “How can I connect to my inner child more?” Then allow whatever answer to come up intuitively without controlling or questioning your immediate response. Trust and allow. It can help to journal after doing an meditation or visualisation practice as this is when your most open and receptive to your subconscious. The more you practice journalling the more you will see the benefits. 

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