5 Ways To Connect To Your Guardian Angel

We all have an Guardian Angel that surrounds us with their protective energy. But do you know our Angels cannot come into our lives unless we invite them in? 

Angel experts such as Kyle Gray and Melanie Beckler teach us that we all have an ability to connect to our Angels. 

You don’t have to have any special gifts or be an intuitive to benefit from connecting to your own Guardian Angel. It only takes trust, time and a little bit of faith. 

1. Open Your Heart Chakra

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Your Heart Chakra is an powerful gateway to the Soul. It is through our hearts we can sense and feel our angels. But we need to learn how to tune into our hearts more to understand what it feels like when our Angels come in.

 A good exercise to do is simply to breathe deeply into your heart space. Visualise a small white light in the centre of your heart and with every breathe in this light becomes bigger and brighter.

 See this light expand out of your heart and surround your whole body. Then affirm to yourself “I connect to the vibration of love now.” Imagine the white light turning into an gentle shade of pink that represents the energy of love. Imagine that love bathes you and you feel protected and loved. 

This is what it feels like to connect to your angels. They hold an higher vibration than us. But by doing this exercise as often as you can you start to open up your heart to their frequency. 

2. Call In Your Angels

The next step is simply to call your Guardian Angel in. This is because we are gifted with free will. That means we need to call on our angels for assistance. It’s like a friend knocking at your door.

You need to invite them in to your home. The same thing is with Angels. Our Guardian Angel always surrounds us with their protection and love so they are never far away. Simply use the affirmation below once you connect to your heart centre:

“Dear Guardian Angel I invite you into my life now. Thankyou for your presence, grace and protection.”

Say this affirmation often throughout the day and then tune and breathe into your heart. Take time to notice any subtle changes in your energy and body. 

3. Learn Your Angels Name

Building an connection with your Guardian Angel takes time as you learn to have more faith in your own intuition. A good way to build this relationship is to learn your Angels name.

Your Guardian Angel has been assigned to you since before you were born. Together you chose your life path and the lessons you are here to learn. You have a deep connection to your Angel. They want to make this easier for you to understand so they hold a specific frequency that you can tune into. This is by connecting to their name. And it doesn’t have to be an Angelic or profoundly heavenly name. It can be anything that comes to your mind. 

A simple exercise to do is to have an pen and paper handy. Do the Heart Opening meditation in the first step and then call in your Guardian Angel. Then clear your mind and ask your angel to let you know what their name is. Take a moment to clear your mind without force. Just allow and breathe. Notice what images, words or even sounds that appear. Write it down as soon as it comes to you. 

If at first this does not work just ask your Angel to give you a sign of what it’s name is. Then be open to any synchronistic signs that may appear. Trust and have faith that your intuition and your angels are guiding you. 

4. Ask For A Sign

When I first started learning and working with my angels it took time for me to trust that they were around. I would continually ask for signs of their presence or to give me an sign that I was on the right path. For me I was uncertain that what I was feeling and sensing was real. My mind couldn’t quite compute. 

What angels want you to know is that you have more control and power than you believe. They see us as incredibly beautiful powerful beings and helping us is an pleasure and an true joy for them.

So simply ask for signs your Guardian Angel is around. You may notice more feathers or keep seeing the same numbers coming up on your clock or car radio.

For me I know when my Guardian Angel is near when Bob Marley comes on in the radio. The little birds song just makes me feel like I’m getting a huge cuddle and I feel immediately at peace. Often that song comes on when I’m having an bad day and it’s the little lift I need.

Be open to the signs that you see around you. 

5. Trust Your Intuition

Trusting  and opening up your own intuitive senses is key to developing your connection with the Angels. We all have intuitive abilities, it’s just that some people are more naturally in tune with their gifts. I certainly wasn’t. It took me time to trust what I was seeing in my minds eye.

Some ways to strengthen your intuition is by learning to meditate regularly so that you can tune out the ego noisy part of your mind and tune inward more. Another way is to get your own deck of Angel Cards. Their are so many out there and I love them all. I probably have most of them too 😀 But using cards has been an transformational way for me to tune into my intuition. 

All you need to do is simply connect to cards and do the steps previously where you open your heart and call in your Guardian Angel. Then ask them to give you guidance. If it’s something specific then tell them what it is. Then shuffle the cards and pick a card that you feel drawn too. Take time to tune inward. Ask questions, like what is this card showing me? What emotions does it bring up? What images come into my mind as I look at the card? 

Take time to notice what the card says to you. Keep an journal handy to write down all the things you sense and feel so you can go back to it.

Know that their is no right or wrong way to connect to your Guardian Angel. The biggest connection with your Guardian Angel comes through love. 

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