Full Moon Rituals

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun illuminates the entire face of the Moon. It is during this phase that the energy of the Moon is at its most powerful. 

This is because the Full Moon cascades down, a powerful force of energy to the Earth. As we ourselves are energy beings we are profoundly affected by the phases of the Moon.

The Full Moon represents a time for reflection, manifestation and clearing any blocks around limiting beliefs. 

In this blog I will be sharing an easy step by step ritual you can do during this phase. 

Step 1: Get Clear On Your Goals

Full Moon Rituals

For manifestation to work we first have to be clear about what we actually want. This can sometimes be easier said than done because we live in a world filled with instant gratification. Sometimes what we desire is just a click of a button away. But your true desire comes from the heart. 

So a few days before a Full Moon think about what it is you truly want. 

Write down your intentions and maybe limit it to 3 or 4 things. Be specific. Rather than just saying “I want a new job” state what your dream job would look and feel like to you. Describe it in detail. For example, “My intentions are to step into a fulfilling role that lights me up and makes me feel in line with my highest self and gifts. In this job I am helping people through my own gifts and as well as providing me with fulfillment my dream job brings me abundance.” 

If you still feel unclear about what you want specifically write down how you want to FEEL. Our emotions are key to manifesting and energy behind emotions are powerful. 

Step 2: Cleanse and Clear Your Space

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On the day of a Full Moon (check your calendar or download an Moon app such as the Moon Calendar) take time to cleanse and clear yourself and your space. 

I usually do this by having an epsom salt bath which helps to eliminate toxins and stagnant energy from my body. I also use Rose and Lavendar oil both of which are aromatherapy oils that connect to the divine feminine and can help relax the mind.  

To cleanse your space clear a room of any clutter. If you have an alter use some crystals that connect to the Moon energy such as Clear Quartz, selenite and Moonstone. I usually light a few candles and then call in light to cleanse and clear my space. To do this just visualise a beam of white light coming down from the Universe above and expanding outwards around the whole room. 


Step 3: Write Down Your Intentions

inner child healing

I have a specific Moon Journal that I use for intention setting but you can use whatever feels right for you. 

By writing down our intentions we are stating what we desire to the Universe. Through the act of writing we are manifesting that energy. So state 5 things you want to manifest for the month ahead. 

Be specific as stated earlier and write down your dreams or desires in the present tense as if they have already happened. 

As you write down each intention feel into the energy of it. Notice your heart expanding and visualise all the love and compassion moving from your heart and down into your hand as you write. 

Then after you have finished writing your intentions out speak them out loudly finishing each intention with the phrase “And so it is done.”


Step 4: Activate Your Heart


I find that intentions set with love is the most powerful way to manifest. Love is the most powerful frequency there is. By connecting to your heart as you think of and state your intentions you are not only stating to the Universe what you desire but you are doing it with love. 

So after stating your intentions take a moment to tune into your heart. Take 10 deep cleansing breathes and visualise your breathe moving through into your heart. Call in the energy of love and feel this moving through your heart as a gentle, pink light. Feel this pink light expanding outwards and with every inbreathe see this light get bigger and brighter so that eventually it surrounds your whole energy field.

Then think of all the things that you are grateful for just now. This can be anything from that first cup of coffee in the morning to cuddles with your favourite person or pet. Take a moment to feel into that energy of gratitude and allow it to expand your heart even more. 



Step 5: Release Your Desires To The Universe

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Sometimes we can hold onto our desires a little too tightly, not allowing space for the Universe to come in and help us. So for the last step it’s important that you finish the ritual by  letting go of your intentions. 

I usually do this by setting my paper of intentions on fire and as the smoke moves upwards I see my intentions heading up to the Universe. 

Know in your heart that your intentions are already on their way to you and as you let them go you let go also of control, fear and your ego mind.  

Full Moon rituals don’t have to be complicated or difficult. By understanding the cycles of the Moon and aligning with them we also bring our souls back into balance with the natural world. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can manifest with the Moon check out my online course here.