Full Moon In September 2021

Full Moon

This months Full Moon which occurs 20th September falls in the dreamy sign of Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac that rules the subconscious and dream realms. Due to the effects of this water sign we may feel more emotional, sensitive and empathic than normal. This is a good time to delve deep into our emotions, understand any blocks or fears we may still be holding onto. 

So how can we make the most of this Full Moon? Read on to find out or if you would like to learn how to align with the cycles of the Moon check out my Moon Manifestation Course here. 

Moon And Tarot


In Tarot we have the Moon card which also links us in to our emotions.

The sign of Pisces is linked to the Page of Cups, the dreamer of the Tarot. The Page teaches us to trust our intuition and wants us to believe in our dreams. We often put childish ideas and fantasies to the side, thinking that we need to outgrow such imaginative thinking. But it is through our creative mind we can learn to access the depths of our soul and lead a more heart centred life. 

The combination of Pisces and the Moon creates a power house of creative inspiration as we clear any emotional blocks. The two other cards that I picked that link us to this energy is the Empress and the King of Cups.


The Empress links us to our divine feminine nature. What is it you are afraid off when it comes to being authentic? Do you freely speak your truth or are you afraid to be seen? The Empress teaches us how to access our divine feminine wisdom. At the core of it the Empress is the Mother of the Tarot. She holds all of lifes wisdom and teaches within her Womb, her power centre. Know that this is your power centre too. The womb creates life but so often we hold our pain, anger and grief in our wombs which can lead to the manifestation of physical issues. Respecting our human bodies is key for us to clear this. 


The King of Cups represents the Divine Masculine side of Pisces with the Empress representing the Divine Feminine. The King of Cups is the gentle teacher of the Tarot. He respects all of life and trusts in his own wisdom and intuition. Within his teachings we can learn to access our own hearts wisdom. The sign of the King of Cups is also the fish, the sign of Pisces and often comes up for someone who feels their emotions and the emotions of others deeply. 


Pisces Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Rituals

This Full Moon is about linking us in to our emotions and intuition. So in this ritual we are going to write down the emotions we want to clear. This could be anything from grief, anger, sadness to fear, frustration and pain. Take time to tune into your emotions. Meditate on your heart and allow yourself to just feel into your body and emotions.

Step 1: Cleanse and Clear

Write down all the emotions you are wishing to release from your body and your energy field. Then visualise and feel into each emotion. Notice where it is in your body. Maybe anger is being held in your solar plexus or maybe fear in your heart. Then visualise the light of the Full Moon flowing down and see the light moving into the space of the emotion. See this light transmuting this emotion, clearing and cleansing your body so that you feel light and refreshed as if you have just had a cold shower. 

Step 2: Gratitude

Next bring gratitude to your space so that you raise your vibration and release any further stick emotions. Think of all the things you are grateful for. It could be your home, job, family, pets. Write down at least 10 things. 

Step 3: Self Love

Finally bring self love and healing to your heart by acknowledging your own inner power and strength. Write down at least 10 things you love about yourself. What makes you you? What is your gifts? What are you good at? Feel all this good energy moving through your body and just imagine multiplying it by 10 then 20 then 100 so you feel a huge expansion in your heart. Close down by thanking yourself and the Universe for helping you to raise your vibration and clear your energy field. 


Soul Coaching

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