Indigo Moon Astrology Forecast For December 2021

Astrology Forecast

Welcome to the final month of 2021. What a ride it has been! This year has felt like a mixture of beautiful life changing revelations but also chaotic and a little scary if I’m honest. There has been moments of true vulnerability, providing opportunity for humanity to heal and understand the path we want to take in the future. 

We need to remember were all on this Planet together and its together that we are strongest. Don’t let fear divide you. Instead focus on how love can unite. 

Astrologically we start off with a New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius. This New Moon will be prompting us to speak our truth as difficult as that may feel. We also have the Sun and moon in conjunction with Mercury which makes this an ideal time to get our message across. 

We also have a rare cosmic event with Venus entering Retrograde which only occurs every 10 months. During this period we are being asked to review our relationships, attachments ie Money and love. It can bring up intense emotions around our hearts as were being asked to be vulnerable and heal from past pain. 

Overall this is set to be a powerful month that also includes the Solstice where the energy is always at its highest. 

The theme of this month is to let your light shine. 

December 1st - Neptune Moves Direct

A day for Meditation and Spiritual Growth

Neptune has been Direct since June and moves into its home sign of Pisces. Neptune rules spirituality, illusion and alternate realities. As it links in with Pisces we are being called to move inward. The energy of this Planet can feel like a sort of escapism from the real world so you may want to go inward and hide away for a few days around this period. 

December 3rd - New Moon Solar Eclipse

A day for Retreating and Self Care

Solar Eclipses can feel very intense so it’s important you slow down and allow your body to have the space to recharge. Solar Eclipses bring huge opportunities for change and transformation as we feel called to delve deep into our souls calling. During this period ask yourself the big questions around your whys. Are you in alignment? What is it you are being asked to shift and let go off? Make space for the new as this Eclipse seeks to burn away all that is no longer serving you. 

December 11th - Venus Conjuncts Pluto

A day for financial matters and relationships

Venus the planet of love moves in conjunction with Pluto, rules of transformation, death and rebirth. Power struggles may arise during this period as well as fears around money as Pluto helps us to clear our money blocks and limiting beliefs. This conjunction can also bring up differing opinions so try and steer clear of any arguments as things can get heated very quickly. 

December 18th - Full Moon in Gemini

A day for grounding and finding balance

Gemini is represented by the twins in the Zodiac sign because of the dual personalities of this sign. During this Full Moon the energy is that of balance. Finding time to reconnect to your heart and bring together the practical with the Spiritual. Take time to notice what in your life feels harmonious and what you are maybe needing to bring more energy and attention too in order to bring yourself back into equilibrium. 

Find out how to manifest with the Moon in my Full Moon Rituals Blog for manifestation here

December 19th - Venus Retrograde

A day for clearing limiting beliefs

Venus rules the heart and during a Retrograde we may be called to revisit past hurt or fears that are still holding sway on our decisions in the present. As well as love and relationships Venus also shines a light on our relationship with money and gives us a chance to clear these blocks and understand where our limiting beliefs are coming from. During this time Chiron also moves Direct and is known as the wounded healer making this an ideal time to work on transmuting our pain and creating space for new more positive energy. 

December 21st - Solstice

A day for meditation

Solstice is such a powerful time of year because the veil between worlds are at its thinnest, making it easier for us to connect to our guides and ancestors. It also brings in the energy of harmony and healing, like a gentle healing balm for us and our planet. Solstice is an ideal time to get out in nature, to feel more grounded and practice meditation. 

December 21st - Season of Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign of the Ram and helps us move into the fiery energy of January where we feel inspired to get things done and take action. The good thing about Capricorn is that it helps us to ground so that we can have a clearer action plan about what next steps we need to be taking in order to achieve our dreams. 

December 24th - Saturn Uranus Square

A day for inner peace

This powerful duo has been setting the theme for these last 2 years and we see these energies being played out in the wider world due to the restrictions imposed by an force that sees itself as all powerful which is confliction with the freedom and free thinking energies of the Aquarian age. This force of this duo will still be felt in the coming months so its important to find your centre and focus on what brings you peace during this period. 

December 28th - Jupiter In Pisces

A day for creativity 

Jupiter is all about expansion and stepping into a higher consciousness and as it moves into the dreamy Planet of Pisces the effects maybe even more powerful. This is a time for working on your creativity energy and finding what sparks your joy and passion. Jupiter brings in a new way of thinking and learning as the old paradigms that we have been used too are falling away. 

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