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Our chakras are the energy centres located along the meridian pathways of our energy bodies. There are 7 main ones located along the body from the base of the spine upwards to the crown. These chakras are linked to our main organs and in Eastern Medicine it is believed that our emotions can cause blocks within these centres resulting in disease. For example, if you are struggling with guilt and holding onto unreleased anger and grief it can sometimes come up as an imbalance within the heart centre, causing issues with this area such as chest infections, heart problems and immune issues. This belief about chakras is certainly becoming more mainstream, with even our westernised medicine understanding that emotions can have an profound impact on our immune system and bodies.
As someone who has worked with chakra energies and is also an Angel Teacher I find the combination of Angel Healing and chakra work can be extremely powerful and therapeutic. Angels are believed to be light beings that reside in higher dimensions that have been tasked by God (or if you prefer the term Source) to oversea humanity and aid us in our own evolutionary path. In the angelic realms there is a hierarchy order of Angels known as Archangels who are thought to look after important aspects of human life. In this blog I will be teaching you on the main Archangels and how they can help with the associated Chakras. Each Archangel corresponds to a specific frequency of light and by calling in their energy can help in balancing your own. To work with these Angels you simply need to have the intention of calling them in. No complicated rituals or affirmations. Just working with intention alone can be just as powerful.

Archangel Michael – Root Chakra

 Our root chakra is located at the base of your spine and is seen as a red orb of light. This chakra is linked with our sense of security and sense of self. It is how grounded we are and when this chakra is out of imbalance it can result in anxiety, depression, insecure and frustrated. It is strongly linked to our adrenal glands and can cause feelings of fatigue and emotional disconnection. When it is balanced we feel safe and grounded with where we are in life. We feel certain of the road ahead and feel secure in our decision making. This is why Archangel Michael is such a powerful angel to call on to balance this chakra. He is the Angel of security and power. Michael is often depicted in a full coat of armour, holding a sword and appearing strong and powerful. Often those who are just starting their spiritual journey will see orbs of blue light or feel Michaels presence. This is because he is helping to clear the root chakra and to ground you in your own light. So call on Michael to cleanse and clear this space on a daily basis.

Archangel Zadkiel – Sacral Chakra

Our Sacral Chakra is located about 3 inches below the naval and is linked to an orb of orange light. This chakra governs our creativity, sensuality and emotions. It is the chakra most commonly linked to our way of receiving love and pleasure in the world. When this chakra is imbalanced it can result in co dependency in relationships, feelings of unworthiness or numbness when it comes to our own pleasure or just a sense of feeling stuck and uncertain of where you are going in life. When in balance this chakra allows us to open up our energies and bring ourselves back to the present moment. We can enjoy all of lifes pleasures without guilt or fear. We understand on a deeper level what it is to be a light being in a human body and make the most of the time we have. Of course balancing indulgence with peace. Archangel Zadkiel is most linked to this chakra as this is the angel of inner peace, freedom and joy. He is linked to the spiritual tool of the silver violet flame which transmutes lower energies and heals our emotions. Zadkiel can be called on to bring this energy centre back into balance and release any negative emotions that has been holding you back from enjoying life and all it has to offer.

Archangel Uriel – Solar Plexus

Our solar plexus chakra is located about 2 inches above the navel and is linked to our digestive centre. This chakra is where our power lies. It is linked to the colour yellow and in balance we feel a stronger sense of self and confidence in who we are. This chakra is most commonly linked to childhood traumas and what we may have taken on board as children from the people around us. So if you felt unworthy or not good enough as a child then this can result in issues in adult life and a feeling of not being in control or constantly trying to people please. This chakra when it is imbalanced can result in digestive disorders as well as eating problems. Archangel Uriel is known as  the angel of peace and wisdom and he provides balance with this chakra by bringing us back to a state of healing and understanding. Uriel can help us heal this centre by bringing up what needs to be healed and provides greater clarity on why we sometimes hold onto fear and trauma.

Archangel Raphael – Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is located most obviously in your heart centre and is linked to the emerald colour. This chakra is of course linked to relationships, how we love ourselves and how empathic and compassionate we are for others. This chakra is often seen as the bridge between the earthly and spiritual world. By opening this chakra we can feel a deeper connection to our spiritual and higher selves. We understand the power of love and have a much greater capacity to feel love as well as send love to others, building deeper, more meaningful relationships. When this chakra is out of balance we feel numb and can hold anger and resentment within our hearts. Again childhood trauma can affect this chakra, resulting in pain in this area later in life. Disease can result such as a compromised immune system to issues with the heart. Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing and he is also linked to the divine ray of green emerald light. This angel can help cleanse and lift this space and hold us in a healing light that can shift our energies. When you call on this angel envision him sending green healing light to your heart, opening it up and allowing the frequency of love to enter.

Archangel Gabriel – Throat Chakra

Our throat chakra is linked to the blue ray of light and is associated with our ability to communicate and speak our truth. This chakra is connected to of course our throats but also our jaws, shoulders and neck. It is our ability to express our truth and vocalise ideas and creative thoughts that comes from this chakra. When imbalanced it can result in a feeling of disempowerment as we are unable to speak up. Many can have issues with this chakra due to fears of persecution and a lot of women especially hold tension in this area. Sometimes this chakra can result in either talking too much or feeling too overwhelmed to speak at all. It can then result in issues with the neck and throat i.e. infections or nerve issues. Archangel Gabriel is the angel of Spiritual Guidance and communication. This angel helps us to connect to our own visions and have the clarity and confidence to express ourselves. The angel also helps us to find healing in creative expression but in a way that is loving and kind. Sometimes when we hold onto past resentment or hurt we can then express this in a way that is harmful to others. But when we express ourselves from an authentic and loving place, without judgement or fear then we start building stronger more meaningful relationships.

Archangel Chamuel – Third Eye Chakra

Our third eye is the centre of our spiritual being. It is where we can sense and see the unseen such as Angels, our guides and Spiritual realms. By activating this centre which is linked to the Indigo light we can have a deeper sense of spiritual self, knowing and a higher intuitive awareness. We become less afraid of our path ahead as we know on another level that we are here for a higher purpose. When this centre is imbalanced it can mean we are closed off from our spiritual selves. We can operate on a much lower level of intellect without the intuition. We trust less in who we are. On a physical level blocks in this area can result in headaches and a lot of tension around the head. When this area is too open this can also mean headaches and difficulty sleeping as we are constantly in touch with the spiritual realms, resulting in over exhaustion and fatigue. Staying grounded is important so when you work on opening this Chakra its important to work on your root as well. The angel associated with this Chakra is Archangel Chamuel who is known as the angel of love and healing. Personal work I have done with Chamuel has always been about recalibrating and healing the energy field and helping to lift someone’s energy so that they can sense and feel angels.

Archangel Jophiel – Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra is located at the top of your head and is connected to higher levels of consciousness. This chakra is linked to the spiritual colour of white but can also be seen as rainbow or pastel colours. This chakra is linked to our higher levels of wisdom and a deeper connection to Source and the universe. We hold so much wisdom within ourselves, wisdom that comes from a higher place so to tap into this we need to be open to receiving it. When this chakra is blocked it can mean a disconnection to spirit and your body. On another side it can also mean and over egotistical connection to the Spiritual and feeling “above” it all or higher than everyone else. It is important to make sure you  have balance between working on the spiritual but living practically as well. The angel linked to this chakra is Jophiel, whose name means “Beauty of God.” This angel brings higher wisdom, inspiration and spiritual insight to this chakra and allows us to see the inner beauty around us as well as within our own selves. Jophiel teaches us that self love is key to finding wisdom as love is the highest frequency we can connect too. ff  
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Joanna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Master Reiki Teacher and Healer and Angel Teacher. She teaches online workshops, classes and courses as well as readings for lightworkers and starseeds. If you would like to learn more please follow on Social Media below.

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