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I love using apps. I might get judged for that but hey ho. But I honestly think there are so many great apps out there that can help you learn a better morning routine, create healthier habits and teach you to practice mindfullness. For the last 10 years I’ve only ever had an android phone but recently purchased an Iphone so the world of apps has changed massively for me. 

So I thought I would collate all the best ones I’ve used so far. Although I’m reviewing only Apple ones I’d be happy to share on android as well. Just give me a wee comment and I can write a review for you. 


Best For: Creating Healthy Habits

This App is available on both Android and Apple. I have used to for years and seriously love it. Its one of those apps I always go back too because I find it really helps. This App is great to keep track of your habits, create new ones and work on building a positive self care routine. You can add times to it and it brings up reminders on your phone to start your Morning Routine. I like the fact you can also do different challenges so it never gets boring. 


Best For: Learning How To Meditate 

Simple Habit is a really good app if your wanting to start a meditation routine. It has simple to follow audio that lasts only 5 mins so its a great starting point for anyone who finds it difficult to incorporate meditation into their daily routine. You start off by adding specific goals such as sleeping better, reduce anxiety and live healthier. It has alot of great free stuff and you can also have reminders linked in to help you stick to your goals. You can purchase the premium part for £7.99 a month which gives you access to alot more meditations. 

Best For: Meditation For All Ages

Smiling Mind is probably the best for families as it has some great meditations for children and can help them to learn how to practice mindfullness. You have meditations that include sensory features such as breathing techniques, learning listening techniques and mindfulness when eating. This is such a great starting app for anyone new to meditation or families that would like to help their kids become calmer and deal with their emotions in a productive way. It also has options to check in with yourself and notice how your feeling on a daily basis. It also clocks how much time you’ve spent meditating and has lots of different programs you can try out. 

Best For: Productivity

Our generation definitely has an addiction problem to our phones and although the apps I’m sharing are about wellbeing we can still end up mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds. It is a bit nuts we need apps to help us use our phones less 🙁 But I have been trying Flipd for a few weeks now and I love all the simple features on it. It’s a great productivity app but you can also use it to build better routines. It has an option to unplug where you can join with other users and spend time away from your phone doing other things. It clocks how much time you work on Self Care, Study, Focus, Sleep and Exercise depending on how you log your free time. I like that it keeps you motivated and I have notice I use my phone way less in the evenings and sleeping better as a result. 

Best For: Wellbeing and Productivity

If like me your a stickler for routine then this is definitely the best app for that. I love how simple it is to use. You just have to add what you want to get done that day and include different colours for different tasks. I use it to incorporate better and healthier routines and it has made such a difference. I think because it is so easy and simple to use it means there is no faffing about trying to figure out different features. 

Best For: Meditation and Wellbeing

This is so far my favourite app because I love how it adapts to suit your needs, meditation experience and lifestyle. Each day you can answer questions about your goals, experiences and challenges and it chooses the right meditations to fit those needs. I like that it is also for more experienced meditators and currently doing the Advance Program which is definitely challenging but I love that it is already deepening my meditation practice. Alot of the apps I’ve used are often geared towards those new to the practice but this is the first one I’ve found that immediately lets you set your experience from the get go and tailors more to suit your needs. 
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