August Astrology Forecast

Indigo Moon Astrology Forecast For August 2021

August Astrology Forecast

Welcome to another Astrology Forecast for August. This month starts off with some tough energies due to a T-Square between Sun and Mercury and Saturn-Uranus. Along with 3 planets in retrograde already this combination can bring up some tough emotions as we delve deep into our emotional blocks and may hit a point in our lives where we feel called to make some massive changes. 

We also have the influence of Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces which can create friction in our relationships or maybe shine a light on the things that need to be said but have been hidden for some time. It’s not all doom and gloom or hardships though as we also have a beautiful rare Blue Moon on August 22nd with this one also occurring in Aquarius which activates our intuition and deepens our connection to our soul. 

August 2nd- Venus Trines Uranus

A day to focus on our relationships

Venus and Uranus together brings harmony and healing to our relationships as we seek to forge stronger bonds with our loved ones as well as wanting to spend quality time doing the things we love. We also have the influence of Mercury and Saturn which may shine a light on our limiting beliefs as well as how we see ourselves. Focus on self love and if you notice any limiting beliefs come up work on creating affirmations for a positive mindset. 

August 6th - Sun Square Uranus

A day for realignment and space.

This square can create a sense of imbalance and chaos as we feel more sensitive to drama or out of balance. This is not a good day to make hard, fast decisions or involve yourself in volatile energy as many maybe putting their emotions out on display. Stay in your own lane and if need be take time out from the world to bring yourself back into balance. 

August 8th - New Moon In Leo

A day for meditation.

This powerful New Moon activates our crown chakra as we connect to the Lionsgate Portal which brings down high frequency energy that can aid us on our spiritual journey. This is a good day to tune inward and meditate as you may receive downloads in the form of symbols, images and dreams for guidance and clarity. On the other side you may feel more sensitive than normal so it’s important to continue to give yourself the space required to process anything that may come up during this time. 

August 15th - Venus In Libra

A day for self care.

Venus the Planet of love, beauty and harmony moves into her ruling sign of Libra which seeks to bring balance into our lives as well as focus on harmony within our relationships. This is a good day to proceed with any ideas as well as you will feel like your in a much better place mentally as well as focusing on inner harmony. 

August 19th - Uranus Retrograde

A day for reflection.

Uranus is seen as the rebellious Planet and as it moves Retrograde in the sign of Taurus we may feel called to make some major life changes and work on transforming what is no longer in alignment with ourselves. Uranus will remain Retrograde until January 2022 so be prepared for changes happening to be long term. This is a time to evaluate where you are in life and gaining clarity about where you want to be heading. 

August 22nd - Full Moon In Aquarius

A day for inner healing.

Jupiter is a big influence for this Full Moon which activates our higher selves and connects us to our intuition. Trust in what guidance you receive during this time and focus on any issues or blocks that may need some gentle healing. This isn’t a day for big action but more about connecting to divine feminine energy that brings softer healing to our hearts. This is also a powerful Blue Moon which heightens the energy.

August 22nd/23rd - Sun In Virgo

A day for grounding.

As the Sun moves from the sign of Leo into Virgo we may feel called to deepen our connection to our roots and mother earth. Grounding is key for spiritual growth and transformation so get out in nature and take long walks if you can. Focus on healing any issues around your root chakra which may manifest as issues around self worth and money. 

August 25th - Mercury Opposes Neptune

A day for day dreaming.

Neptune is the Planet of dreaming and intuition. As it moves into opposition to Mercury it can mean taking action or moving ahead with our goals difficult as we feel like we need more clarity before we can proceed. Trust your intuition during this time and move deeper into your heart space before moving ahead. 

August 26th - Mercury Trines Pluto

A day for communication.

The influence of Mercury on Pluto makes this a day for honest communication or for getting anything of your chest you may have been holding onto. Rather than outbursts of emotions take moments to breathe deeply and connect to your heart before speaking especially if it is around anything difficult. 

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