Astrology Forecast

Astrology Forecast For July 2021

Astrology Forecast

Hey beautiful souls and welcome to Cancer season 💕 This is my sign so happy birthday to any fellow Cancers out there. This Months Astrology Forecast involves an rare conjunction between the divine feminine and masculine planets of Mars and Venus as well as an Aquarian Full Moon. This is set to be an powerful month as we move deeper into our soul and connect with our highest, authentic selves. 

July 1st - 4th: Square with Mars, Uranus and Saturn

A day for inner healing work

Mars can be seen as the challenger due to it’s intense energies linked to war, action and masculinity. As it moves into T Square with Uranus and Saturn it can bring up feelings of frustration and anger. On an wider perspective we may see this being played out with demonstrations and protests at stricter regulations. Intense emotions are bubbling to the surface and with this alignment it may add to this. But this also provides us with opportunities to face our own fears. How are we being triggered this week? What are our triggers showing us? How can we gain more strength and confidence in ourselves? 

July 3rd: Sirius Gateway

A day for connecting to our guides

As we move through what can feel like an intense week Sirius aligns with our Sun, activating our higher hearts and crown chakras, allowing us to access higher frequencies. Sirius to me represents pure soul light and during this alignment we have such an powerful opportunity to really focus inward and access our own divine light. This is an good day to do some deep meditation work.

July 9th: Cancer New Moon

A day for self care

This New Moon moves into the home body sign of Cancer so we maybe feeling emotional or more sensitive than normal to things. Be kind and gentle with yourself on this New Moon and see it as an opportunity to slow down and work on some self care. Cancer energy is all about healing on an emotional level and sometimes we need that extra bit of support and self care when were feeling sensitive. 

July 12th: Mercury Trine Jupiter

A day for communication

Opposite to the Mercury Retrograde this alignment brings positive resolutions to communication. This is an good time to move forward with new ideas or contracts, deals or taking action on an goal. 

July 13th: Venus Conjunct Mars

A day for relationships

Venus, the planet of love and the divine feminine moves in conjunction with it’s counterpart, Mars who represents the divine masculine. When these two planets join together they bring harmony, balance and new beginnings to relationships. Venus represents our innate desire to find love in our twin flame or soul mate and when these two planets are in alignment they open up opportunities for this to happen as well as deepen current relationships.

July 22nd: Sun In Leo

A day for taking action on our dreams. 

As we move from Cancer Season into Leo Season we are given a much needed creativity boost, creating opportunities for us to really moving forward with our dreams and goals. This is an good time to take action as we will be feeling more energised. 

July 23rd: Aquarius Full Moon

A day for creativity

We actually have an second Aquarius Full Moon next month so this provides an exciting gateway for us to access higher realms of consciousness and creativity. If your an empath you may find the energy of this Full Moon beneficial as it gives you the much needed space you’ve been craving to process your emotions. Anyone who is an empath will feel more confident to really put themselves out there more and step out their comfort zone. 

July 28th: Jupiter Moves Into Aquarius

A day for connecting to your Soul Tribe

After going Retrograde Jupiter moves back into Aquarius which brings energies of connection and compassion. We may feel called to connect to our soul tribes, the people who resonate with you on an soul level, building much needed support and communities with each other. 

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