January 2021

Indigo Moon Astrology Forecast For January 2021

January 2021

Hi gorgeous souls and welcome to 2021. I know we will be stepping (or tiptoeing) quietly into this year but this year definitely has some different energy to it compared to 2020. It will be more focused on creative expression as many of us are feeling the call to step up our game and really start working on the gifts we have to share. The energy of 2021 is about soul. And I personally have been feeling this for sometime. That change comes from when we truly live in alignment with our Soul. 

I launched a Membership last year that is all about Soul work and how to live more in tune with our Souls. Last month we learned to work with our intuition and how to activate our soul and this month we will be learning how to work with our Starseed Gifts and activating our own gifts. 

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January 1st - Angel Number 5

Welcome to 2021. This year equals to the Master Number 5 which links us to the frequency of positive change, love and creative expression. 5 also brings us the power of balance as it links in with the 5 star Pentagram in Wicca which is balancing elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. As we move into the New Year this is a good time to work on balancing your own inner elements. Where can you bring more passion to your life? What ways can you stay grounded and more present? How can you learn to go with the flow more? How can you live from Soul? Take time to get clear on your intentions for this year and what you want to bring into your life. 

January 5th - Mars Enters Taurus

Mars is the God of War and since June 2020 it has been in the fiery headstrong sign of Aries which has often brought up conflicting energies (think back to the huge Black Lives Matter movement). As it moves now in the Sign of Taurus, it brings more focus to our relationships and material matters. Taurus is the earthy passionate sign that loves the small luxuries in life. When I think of Taurus  I think of decadent belgian chocolates and eating them in an bubble bath smelling of roses 😀 But with the fiery energy of Mars and the earthy energy of Taurus it can bring up issues around how we communicate with loved ones. Mars wants us to be more authentic and honest. So this can be difficult if your a people pleaser. Try and be more honest with yourself and others. 

January 12th - New Moon in Capricorn

Hmmm reading into this New Moon there maybe some difficult energies coming up but that in my opinion isn’t unexpected. This New Moon falls at 23 degrees of Capricorn which is also the same degree the Saturn Pluto Conjunction occurred in January last year. Remember around that time was when the Pandemic was really taking hold? There was alot of fear and uncertainty so this time there maybe more heavier restrictions from the Government. The other side of this is that New Moon energy is about New Beginnings and different perspectives, so it maybe that information that hadn’t been known or seen before will come up to the surface. Were in a much better more knowledgeable place now compared to last year. 

January 14th - Uranus Goes Direct

Uranus has been retrograde since August 2020 but now as it moves Direct this is the first time in awhile we have no planets Retrograde. This will bring an lighter shift in energies as we can move ahead with plans and really start taking action on our goals. 

January 17th - Jupiter Squares Uranus

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and when it links in with rebellious energy of Uranus it can mean some difficult energies as it brings up anxiety and just generally fed up when there is pressure placed on society as an whole. But the other side of this energy is awakening and expansion. Sometimes we need to be pushed and pulled in different directions to realise how strong we really are. This is a time to expand into your power and take action on your goals. 

Jupiter 19th/20th - Sun Enters Aquarius

This is the start of Aquarius season and with it it brings cleansing healing energy. Aquarius is actually an air sign but its depicted as an water bearer. For me Aquarius links us to the Star card in the Tarot which teaches us how to balance our emotions and work with our intuition on a higher level. This Aquarian energy brings a deeper knowing of who we are and what we are here to do. Many will feel an activation happening within the very cells of their being as more light energy flows through us. 

January 28th/29th - Full Moon In Leo

As this Full Moon aligns with Leo it also aligns with Jupiter, which many believe is an positive omen. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and change so it can bring with it abundance and positivity. The energy of this new moon brings with it opportunities to expand into an more abundant awareness but its important to come from a place of love not ego as we are called to align with our authentic selves rather than an false image we project to the world. 

January 30th - Mercury Retrograde

So we end the month with Mercury going Retrograde which is  good time to slow down, especially if you’ve been feeling super busy at the start of the month. By this point we are probably needing a bit of a rest and some time to evaluate our goals and where we are at. Mercury moves Retrograde until February 20th. 

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