September Astrology Forecast

Astrology Forecast September 2021 | Indigo Moon Academy

September Astrology Forecast

Astrology and Energy Forecast for September:

The main theme of September is finding our centre so that we bring our energy into alignment. It’s a month for soul searching so get ready to dive deep. Major shifts are coming and September seems to be the Month where were laying the foundational work for these shifts to take place. 

We also have the Equinox, a time where the veil between etherical realms grows thin allowing us to access our higher wisdom and intuition. As Mercury also moves Retrograde for the final time this year were being forced in a way to slow down and go inward. Be prepared for setbacks but also moments of clarity and insight. 

Read more to find out what major Astrological Events are coming up. 

Astrology For September 2021

Virgo New Moon - September 6th

A day for focus and clarity.

Virgo is the sign of protection, stability and understanding. It connects us to our mental energy, which means how we think, how we perceive things and our belief system. With this New Moon were being asked to really slow down and see the finer details before making any big decisions. We also have the influence of Mars at the same degree as Saturn, which is about bringing our attention to the finer details. Maybe these last few months with the effect of Leo we may have been feeling more adventurous and trying different things and ideas but Virgo is now asking us to choose. Get clear on your goals and make a plan and start putting in the work. 

9 Numerology - September 9th

A day for Spiritual Growth and Work.

In Numerology the number 9 connects us to our life path and purpose, bringing a focus on service rather than ego. It is with the number 9 that we can activate and unlock our spiritual gifts, skills and talents so be aware of any synchronicities around this time as we still have the effect of the New Moon which brings clarity and insight into our life purpose and path.  

Venus Enters Scorpio - September 10th

A day for intuition and emotional healing.

Scorpio is an intense sign (I know because I married one 😀 ) who always sees below the surface. If your trying to hide behind a mask I can guarantee a Scorpio will find you out straight away. With Venus in the sign it can shine a light on our blocks around our hidden powers of creativity, sensuality and intuition. If blocks or fears come up around this time use this as a way to tap into your creative centre. Indulge your senses and allow time for self care as you may feel called to slow down and tune into your body. 

Mars Enters Libra - September 14th

A day for going inward.

Libra is the sign of balance, truth and justice and as Mars enters this sign we have powerful energies come through as the Sun and Neptune also form an opposition, creating huge waves of light energy, connect us to our true highest self. This can also make us feel vulnerable and uncertain of how to move ahead as we feel called to release fears around comparison or fitting in. This is a time to act on our souls calling and letting go of what anyone else thinks as you tap into your true authentic energy. 

Pisces Full Moon - September 20th

A day for creativity and meditation.

Pisces is the sign that links us in to our emotions and during this time the Full Moon is in conjunction with Neptune, creating a free flow of expression and cosmic alignment. We may feel a little more emotional than normal so really honour how your feeling during this time. This is a good day to practice meditation, mindfullness and yoga. Doing something creative as well where you can feel like you can express yourself freely. 

Libra Season/Equinox - September 22nd-23rd

A day for slowing down and reconnecting to yourself. 

Equinox represents the change in energy and seasons as we shift from Summer to Autumn. As this shift happens we feel an inner transformation within as well as we feel called to slow down more and seek balance in our lives. I love Autumn as for me it always represents an time to go inward, work on my gratitude journal and spend more time in nature. As the Sun enters Libra this idea of finding balance is greater amplified by the effects of Libra. 

Mercury Retrograde In Libra - September 26th

A day for journalling 

This is the final time that Mercury moves Retrograde where it will remain till October 18th. Mercury connects us to our past and helps us to focus with what we have learned or what we are maybe needing to let go off. Old memories may resurface during this time as well as old fears as we are having to move through deeper healing and clearing old belief systems. 

Thankyou so much for reading this months Astrology Forecast! If you would like to learn how to work on your manifestation powers check out my Moon Manifestation Course. 

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