Astrology Forecast

Astrology Forecast For January 2022

Astrology Forecast

Welcome to 2022! Astrology forecast for January kicks us off with an intense New Moon in Capricorn. New Moons are the perfect time to set intentions and with the grounded energy of Capricorn we feel more able to stick to our goals than ever before. The main theme of this month is moving inward, finding peace in the present moment and letting go of the past. January is always the perfect time to start afresh but this year it is definitely a pivotal time and sets the tone for the year ahead. 

January 2nd - New Moon In Capricorn

A day to meditate and focus on your third eye

New Moons help us tune inward, giving us the space to get clear on our goals and what actions we need to take to move forward. With this New Moon in the Earth sign of Capricorn we feel more empowered than ever to make positive changes in our lives and create from a space of joy and love. With the influence of Uranus, the Planet of awakening, this positive boost of creative expression is magnified and helps us to feel inspired to take action. 

January 8th - Sun Conjuncts Uranus

A day for resolution

Venus brings in awareness to our relationships including the ones we have with ourselves. As the Sun moves in conjunction Venus highlights what is needing resolved. This is a time for clarity and resolution to long standing issues. For the answers you are needing connect to your heart centre and from that space ask the question and trust where the Universe is guiding you. 

January 14th - Mercury Retrograde

A day for releasing the past

This months Mercury Retrograde begins in the sign of Aquarius. Mercury Retrogrades are often linked to communication as well as revisiting the past and old belief systems. With the energy of Aquarius we can use this Retrograde to release old thought patterns and beliefs that have been blocking us. We can do this by understanding our triggers and have a clearer understanding of what is required to move forward. 

January 17th - Full Moon In Cancer

A day for meditation

This months Full Moon links in beautifully with the energy of Mercury Retrograde. We are feeling called to move deeper into our soul, awakening to emotional insights and memories that are guiding us to a new path. Today is a time to reflect, recharge and rest. Move inward and allow this time for mindfullness and tuning into your bodies wisdom. 

January 18th - Uranus Moves Direct

A day for energy healing and transformation

Uranus is the planet of awakening and transformation. As it moves Direct we may revisit past memories and triggers of 2021. This can also occur on a collective level so make sure to tune into your own emotions and if you are feeling triggered ask yourself if this is yours or the collective. Uranus brings big energy, transforming our lives on an energetic and cellular level. We are being called to connect to the collective energy and focus on raising our own vibration. 

Jan 19th/20th - Aquarius Season

A day for mindfullness and creativity

Happy birthday Aquarians! Energy of Aquarius is always so enlightening and compassionate. This month we can use the Aquarian energy for meditation and learning to go with the flow. It is a time for learning, growth and expansion and feeling called to move into new paths that feel more in alignment with your soul. 

January 19th - Lunar Nodes Change Signs

A day for connecting to your soul

This is probably one of the biggest events astrologically for the year as the Nodes of Destiny or Lunar Nodes change signs. This occurs every year and a half and sets the tone for the year ahead. The Nodes shift into the Taurus-Scorpio Axis. With this dynamic we are being called to focus more mindfully on the present moment, living more at peace and letting go of the past. It is time to move past ego and fear and more into love and oneness. This is a time for creative expression and deepening connections that inspire and motivate. We are also being called to release old 3D paradigms and beliefs centred around the materialistic side such as money and prestige. 

January 29th - Venus Moves Direct

A day for healing communication

Venus has been Retrograde since December 19th and as it moves Direct it may call on you to change your perspective regarding close relationships or connections that have been triggering you. It is a time to focus on compassionate communication rather that from a place of fear as your being asked to speak your truth and deepen your connection not only with others but with yourself. 

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