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Astrology Forecast For February 2022

astrology forecast

Hello beautiful souls and welcome to the Astrology Forecast for February. This month is a good time to work on your manifestation goals as we have the power of Mars to push us forward. In January we had to move through two Retrogrades. Retrogrades can sometimes bring us moments of disempowerment because we feel less clear and are being forced to move back over old ground in order to clear some deep seated blocks that has been holding us back. But February should feel much lighter as you may feel called to access your more creative and care free side. 

Let’s go over some of the major dates for this month.

Jan 31st - Feb 1st - New Moon In Aquarius

A day for clearing

New Moon represent rebirth and new beginnings. A time to let go of the old in order to usher in the new. This New Moon also falls on the Lunar New Year, making it especially powerful and poignant. 

To move through this New Moon energy with grace and ease focus on what it is you are needing to clear. Aquarian energy is all about movement and going with the flow. So it’s a good idea to take a step back from over thinking things, especially if it feels like your not moving forward in the way you hoped. We also have the influence of Saturn who gives us the lessons we need in order to grow and take responsibility for our own wellbeing and action. 


Feb 3rd - Mercury Direct in Capricorn

A day for communication

As Mercury moves direct into the sign of Capricorn we feel more confident in our decision making ability and can start taking meaningful steps forward. This is a time to move ahead with plans and get things done. Trust your own inner voice and have don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the things in life that drain your energy. 

Feb 4th - Mars In Capricorn

A day for taking action

The energy of Mars propels us forward this month and as it moves into its natural sign of Capricorn we are more easily able to ground our ideas and take action than ever before. Mars helps us to be braver, to move ahead without fear. We also have the influence of Jupiter to help clear any mental blocks and stop us from overthinking. This is a powerful time to take charge of your life and not be afraid to move ahead. New opportunities may open up to you if you allow yourself to dream. 

Feb 8th - First Quarter Moon in Taurus

A day for taking clarity

During this cycle of the moon we work on what is needing cleared from our lives. With the grounded sign of Taurus we are able to see more clearly the bigger picture. It is time to ground our energy and the lessons we have taken with us. To work on clearing old belief systems and nurturing mind, body and soul. Use this phase to get clear on what you truly want to manifest. 

Feb 16th - Full Moon in Leo and Venus Conjuncts Mars

A day for soul healing and relationships 

The influence of Venus and Mars can effect our relationships, igniting our passion. We may receive sudden insights about our relationships as well as an increase in creative energy. Full Moons can be a powerful time to clear anything that is no longer serving you. It is also a time to find balance and bringing your focus on the things that really serve you by letting go of old self destructive cycles. 

Feb 18th - Pisces Season

A day for spirituality and meditation

Pisces is the water sign that represents higher consciousness and learning deeper spiritual truths. As the Sun moves into this sign we are being called to access our own higher calling and raise our vibration. This is a time to focus on deep inner work as well as allowing yourself to expand your creative ideas and think outside the box. 

Feb 22nd - 222 Portal

A day for connection and healing

Energetically the number 2 represents higher learning and a desire to seek balance with the outer and inner worlds. The theme of this year is very much centred around this lesson as we are being called to find harmony within and the relationships around us. On this day a gateway opens, allowing us to access higher energies and connect to our angels and guides. Notice any signs or synchronicities that may arise during this time as these are all showing us how we can bring more balance and healing to our lives. 

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