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Astrology Forecast for February 2021

Astrology Forecast

Welcome to February 2021 Astrology Forecast. February is an time of rebirth. We have Valentines day of course but for me that is all about self love. The Imbolc is at the beginning of the month and represents the first signs of Spring. It brings with it the promise of new growth and is the perfect time to really set your intentions. 

Find out which key astrological dates are coming up and how you can make this your month for manifestation and self-love. 

February 2nd - Imbolc

Imbolc represents the coming of Spring and the awakening of the Divine Feminine energy. Wiccans honour this day through the Goddess Brigid who represents the flame of rebirth and transformation. She is often depicted holding an flame, surrounded by an dark forest.

Her symbols are owls and the full moon, which both represent the wisdom of the feminine. Today is also an master number, 22 which means building strong foundations.

This is an time for you to honour your own personal cycles as well as the cycles of our mother earth. Take time to connect to nature and get clear on what new beginnings you want to bring into your life. 

February 6th - Venus Squares Uranus

We are in Mercury Retrograde until the 21st so old wounds and memories may resurface around this time. Venus work with our heart energy so this alignment brings with it an opportunity to heal from the past and work on opening your heart more. Release anything that is no longer serving you and work on communicating from the heart. 

February 8th - Mercury Retrograde Conjuncts Sun

This conjunction brings clarity and insight into deep seated problems. On an world view it can mean an turning point for society as an whole as deeper truths and understanding come to the surface. 

On an personal level it can mean if you have been feeling stuck or lost then you may find the answers. Trust your intuition and if you receive any sudden flashes of insight or wisdom. 

February 11th - Aquarius New Moon

We have some intense energies around this New Moon as we are still moving through an Mercury Retrograde. Aquarius is the air sign of balance, transformation and creativity. We are moving deeper into the Age of Aquarius so deep transformational work maybe coming up at this time. 

So this New Moon is an time to recharge and heal. Take time to slow down and notice what comes up for you. Emotions may feel like their running high so its not a good time to get involved in any arguments or drama. Instead focus on finding your balance and work on your own energy. 

February 12th - Chinese New Year

This Chinese New Year lands on the Metal Ox. The Ox is the energy of deep grounding and nourishment. The Ox is also practical minded and steadfast when it comes to working towards an goal. 

This is the perfect time to work on your own goals and have an clear action plan for what next steps you need to take. Don’t get caught up in the whole rushing around for the sake of it. Take time to get clear on your goals.  

February 17th - Saturn Squares Uranus

We have another Saturn Squaring Uranus and is the big cosmic event of the year.  Due to Saturns dynamic authoritive energy and Uranus’ rebellious nature linked to freedom and change this dynamic duo can bring some fireworks as we have seen previously. 

We also had this square in December just before another lockdown was announced and last March 2020 when again another lockdown was announced. So the problem here is we are pushing society to the bring. It brings an deep primal desire for freedom because of the controlling nature of Saturn. 
So what might happen around this time? Honestly on an energetic level it can mean healing deep karmic wounds not just on an personal level but in society as well. We may see tighter restrictions around our freedom of movement but that may come with its own issues as people find it more and more difficult to trust their Governments and the order of things. 


February 18th - Sun In Pisces

Pisces is the emotional water sign in the Zodiac so this alignment can make you feel more sensitive and emotional. You may also feel more nostalgic and connected to the past as we relearn and understand our lessons. This is also an time to heal old karmic wounds and work on clearing our blocks. 

February 20th - Mercury Moves Direct

As Mercury moves direct this hopefully brings with it some space to heal from the past few weeks and the lessons that have came up. We are definitely needing this breathing space so take advantage of it. Also notice what signs or intuitive messages come up around this time as the energy is much clearer and allows us to connect to our higher selves on an deeper level.


February 27th - Full Moon In Virgo

This Virgo Full Moon helps us to reconnect to our minds and bodies as we understand that balance is key. You may feel an desire to eat healthier or work on your mindset around how you feel about yourself and your body. This is an time to gain more confidence in who you are the message you want to send to the world. What legacy do you want to leave on Earth? Is it one of love, contentment and guidance? Sometimes thinking about death can be scary but it is an part of life and something we all go through. Virgo is about rebirth and transformation. How can we truly live our best lives right here, right now? 

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